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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Embrace Civility” (Published on July 29, 2021):

• Marilou Falcon

Ako, sa totoo lng, scared of the long needle, he he, pero pg-overcome ko na lng. Magayon ang feeling na nabakunahan na. Na-persuade man ako ta one dose lng ang J & J.

• Antonio Doblon

Frankly speaking those against vaccination are frightened to be pierced. Let’s leave Century-old vaccination measures in the hands of the health authorities. If these cowards had been physicians, they surely would have dropped their fallacy..

• Irvin Parco

Wala bang oral vaccine like polio vaccine.

On “Identify Accountability” (Published on August 05, 2021):

• Ramon Olaño Jr.

“The irresponsibility of the intelligence community, bloated with funds not really being audited, bespeaks of govt people who are lazy, careless and clueless. They are hugely wasteful of taxpayers’ money. Imagine, red-tagging without making basic research and diligent investigation. Where are they sourcing their raw info, from social media? They should be booted out!”

• Erma Abina Zielke

“ 100% agree ako dyan.. Tsismoso na Panelo and to think nasa govt siya .Pareho ni Mocha Uson. Ano na nangyayari sa Pinas?

On “Noninclusive” (Published on August 12 2021):

• Ramon Olaño Jr.

“LGU Camarines Sur has for a long time been an exclusive fief of the Villafuerte family. There is hardly any concrete progress for the province nor programs beneficial for the small citizenry when compared to highly progressive Albay province. It surprises me to know the Tugawe Cove Resort is a tourism project of the province just like the CWC? Are these tourism projects making money? If they are govt undertakings, are they being properly audited? I have heard of the difficulty of the LGU to settle its huge loans. In fact, this became an election issue. Why is nobody, but nobody, demanding from LGU Cam Sur to lay bare its books to see if its financial operations are in order? As of now, we only hear a deafening silence. Clearly, our democratic institutions are not properly functioning!”

• Ervin Borja

“Thank you for sharing!!!

Ini an totoo. On “KBP Accreditation” (Published on July 29, 2021):

• Romeo Goc:

“Hirak man cnda,tios sa psg kotong.”

• Jose Fernando Obias:

“Lawalawaon (to consider if someone does his work well) tabi kan KBP an manga parabareta kun tanos an Bikol.”

Ini an totoo. On “Pagtios Asin Kalipungawan” (Published on August 12, 2021):

• Ambrosia Rejs:

Kadaklan na Pinoy sa America dae nagtitios, dahil mahihigos, talento, mapasensiya asin bakong kurap. Madaling mag asenso. An mga Americano kadaklan mga hugakon asin reklamador, kaya kaskas makapay. An hona ninda sa buhay..1+1 equals 2 sana. Minsan dae ninda aram an square root nin 2..Bihira an nakakapay na Pinoy sa America. Initiative, resourcefulness & common sense an sekreto nin mga Pinoy duman. Kan primero akong mag gubpa sa JFK International Airport, 10 dollars lang an balon ko. Pig bakal ko pang yosi..

• Jeff Caruno

“tios sa kwarta alagad mayaman sa pagkamoot asin kaogmahan..

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