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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Walk the Talk” (Published on August 19, 2021):

• Marilou Falcon:

Once again, you nailed it!

• Dominick Botor:

*Erratum 8th par: negligible = minute/immaterial. Pls change

(Thanks, the right term should have been “misleading”. Our apologies. – Ed.)

On “Ray of Hope” (Published on August 26, 2021):

• Reynaldo Cabrera

“Dai na pagisipon malinaw na politika ang nasa likod kaya naghiro ning alanganin ang coa dai na kita magbutabutahan..”

• Marilou Falcon:

“Only one ray of hope. How many rays of despair?”

• N Oel Balares:

“Mas grabe po kaya attorney ang epekto pag DOH ta buhay kan tao ang nakataya. Dai pwede i retrofit nor i repair.”

• Elvira Caceres

“Very well said”

• Ramon Olano Jr.

“Billions of pesos are wasted in government spending for they end up in some people’s pockets. Oftentimes, they are all in cahoots along the line and everyone is happy. Can government watchdogs stop the bleeding? Can citizens be more vigilant? Simple questions no one can answer with firmness.”

Ini an totoo. On “Goodbye my friends, my media friends” (Published on August 26, 2021):

• Arnold Tipluca:

nakakabigla,c nel natira uncle ka batch ko sa high school, huring nakaulay ko siya bago nag pandemic sa laog kang abs cbn..

• Russel Rosero:

Boz Ernie ika po an da living legends kn media industry. Mabuhay ka Bokal .

• Ambrosia Rejs:

Nong Ernie Verdadero, mayo na palan si Wasoy & Francis..Belated condolences sa mga families ninda..

• Stan Zabala:

Salute po Ka Ernie ,ika po ang living icon kan mainstream media dgd sa Kabikolan sa pagsubaybay kan istorya kan sektor.!

• Sandie Verdadero:

Cousin Ernie, Angel “Wasoy” Florin, and Manny de la Rosa were my batchmates at Ateneo HS Batch 70. I was one of the volunteer reporters at then GTV-DWNW, that I met Manny, SM Roy Torre Campo, Elmer Abad, Jun Basmayor, Joel Cresini, and Pete Servano (my NPS classmate). I passed the accreditation exam given by Broadcast Media Council (KBP). Tony Betito, also my high school batchmate was the top notcher. I also reported to Manny Enalpe, of GE Patrol, FBN-DZGE. After which, I worked, retired at RTC Naga as Deputy Sheriff and Roy was there as an Interpreter. My short stint at broadcast media was MEMORABLE and UNFORGETTABLE. My classmates from Milaor were Lino Javier, Salvador Sato, and Rogelio Manzano. Primum Regnum Dei!!!

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.

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