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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “ Guard Against Vote Buying” (Published on April 21, 2022):

Manny Ilao: Magtindog na lang kamo tapos ang fiesta kan mga kurap

Rhei Sup: Mga animals amg nilagay sa 1k bills.animal ang nagisip nyan at kumita.makakarma din kayo.

On “ Factor in Religious Affiliation and Gender” (Published on April 14, 2022):

Norma Payacag: BBM in almost every survey leads. Can we trust this survey, and is it possible that he can garnered the highest vote in the upcoming election?

So it just reflects that survey is not in any way be use as basis for the candidates winning slot.

Precisely! Well, it’s good to know that people are used to this form of tactics. We should be aware that top-rated survey does not goes-along with the real scene.

Zenaida Lydia: He lead too in all the surveys during the VP race in 2016 but look at the result.

Most probably. Actually here in our country, surveys were used as a form of mind conditioning. They take advantage of the Filipino mindset, that of going along with who is winning or whom they think is.


Sandie Verdadero: BBM has a lot of money (10 billion US dollars, according to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano while campaigning in the VP race in the 2016 national election) to spend in the May 2022 elections. Incumbent politicians succumbed to the promise of a big buck and the economic prosperity of their constituency. Some Bicol politicians, showbiz people, and many more ignorant masses were not spared from this money pandemic. BBM has also the underground endorsement of Digong despite his constant denial that he is not supporting any presidential candidate. In the past years, Digong is fond of BBM and dislike VP Leni. Very obvious considering Inday is VP of BBM. Saging sagin Batag. Many will not be tempted by BBM money considering the economic disparity of the haves and have not amid an unstable pandemic climate. Who said “Money can’t buy everything”? Oh common!!!


Sandie Verdadero: How reliable are surveys on the candidates before May 9, 2022 elections? There seem to be different results coming out these days. Pulse Asia and Octa Surveys show BBM, Sara, and majority of their senatorial lineup except Hontiveros are in the top twelve. On the other hand, surveys conducted on colleges leading overwhelming. The campuses surveys were not released on TV or radio news items but on FB and other social meia. There seem to be “a trending scenario” being propagated by some quarter close to Uniteam that Pulse Asia survey, which shows BBM and co. are the sure winners and statistically impossible to overtake. The 64 peso question which surveys are reliable? For me, the campuses surveys are credible since students are intelligent as compared to ignorant voters. Babaeng Bicolana Mangagana (BBM).

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