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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.


Sandie Verdadero: Beforehand, Congratulations to Bicol Mail for being alive for the second time. The first time it was shut down during FM Sr. Martial Law repressive years. It is alluring to be back again. The PEN is mightier than the SWORD. Continue the struggle for press freedom, Mabuhay ka Bicol Mail.

Again, the senate is in the limelight as it digs into new scandals under a new leader of our gov’t. These Dept. of Agriculture sugarmess and Dept. Ed laptop anomaly. Ano na kita? In the past administration, we have had these INFAMOUS NINDA COPS?, PhilHealth, Pharmally, etc. scandals. What happened to the outcome of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee headed by fearless Sen. Gordon? Nothing came out. No corrupt official was charged, prosecuted to full extent of the law. So my unsolicited advice, tama na an grandstandingfs, moro-moro investigations. It is a waste of people’s money and time. Poropondo na kamo. Tama na an drama.

On “ Celebrate Solemenly and Heed Protocols” (Published on September 01, 2022):

Jose Fernando Obias: Katood/Padeng Henry: The so-called “misbehavior” of the “voyadores” has a historical, even revolutionary perspective. It should be noted that the image of Yna was first carved by the people from the mountain, called by the Spanish colonizers “monteses”, “cimarrones”, “vagabondos”, etc., ---- those who refused to pay taxes to the Spanish rulers in the lowlands. These natives cultivated their devotion to their “Yna” with a story that when they bathed the carved image with the blood from a dog, and thinking that the dog was dead, they threw the dog into the riverm but wonder of wonders, it lived. Later, the Spanish community in the lowland took possession of the image, virtually and actually depriving and dispossessing the natives of their Yna. In fact, the Spaniards dressed the image in European cape with gold trimmings very much like the queens of Spain and bathed it with perfumes from Arabia. Do you think, pade, that the “Cimarrones” would sing and shout, “Felicdades” to the Spanish colonizers who took away their Yna? I am of the belief that the unruly manner shown during the “traslacion” by the “voyadores” is a show of “protest” of their being deprived of their Yna. The “traslacion” was only the time that they were able to approach their Yna, without being arrested, courtesy of the Bikol clergy, and to open their hearts to their Yna, sans doing the accepted courtesies of Spanish noblemen. Besides, the “voyadores” including myself, associate the liberation of the Ciudad de Caceres from the Spanish government to the “uprising” on September 18, 1898 which took place after the “sakay” of Yna. Mabansay na pagarang ki Yna, pade. Viva la Virgen!!!!! (Aside: “Viva la Virgen” is not a shout of discourtesy to Yna. It is a prayer)

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