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“VP LENI IN 2022”

By Sandie Verdadero

Ilocanos, Pampanguenos, Tagalog, Bisaya, and presently a Mindanaon have been our presidents. It is time for a Bicolano president. DU30 vicious tirade against VP Leni caught many by surprise, WARNING her not to run for president, for he will make it a “nightmare” for her. Pulse Asia survey, approval VP Leni 57% VS DU30 91% the president reaction suggest that she is INDEED a THREAT despite the difference in ratings. Public surveys do not ALWAYS reflex in electoral votes. Political tides can CHANGE even in the LAST week of an electoral race. We shall be better than to DISCOUNT any candidate at this juncture. VP Leni WAS not TAINTED with any hint of corruption. She advocated good governance and public accountability. She fought for the Freedom of Information Act, full Disclosure Policy, Marginalized Defender, Open Door Policy Act, People Empowerment Law, and Anti-Discrimination Act. She has nothing to do with the blunders of the executive branch. She will REBOOT public governance and set it back the Transparency, Honesty, Decency, and tenets of democracy. Equal protection of the law without favor for friends and allies and protection of our sovereign rights to the West Philippine Sea without any COMPROMISE.


By Sandie Verdadero:

-Are the authorities concerned SERIOUS in TACKLING violators of health protocols in the face of the pandemic? People partying n DEFIANCE of health guidelines and in the face of immense suffering by the rest of the poor majority is CALLOUS and ARROGANT. Many are getting sick, dying, losing their jobs, facing depression. Poverty is more real now than ever. This is the new normal. And YET some people are well-heeled, well-connected who WHOOPING it up while ordinary people at MERE INFRACTURE are pounce by authorities. A senator in a hosted dinner showed guesting posing maskless for picture taking. An actor celebrating his b-day in a bar in violation of social distancing rules, the bar closed down by the authorities rendering its employees JOBLESS. The summer capital celebration by an “eventologist” forced the city mayor to ask for apologies as one of the attendees together with his wise and relinquishing his tracing czar position. The moneyed and privileged people can pay for any anti-covid-19 test anytime as often as they like and use that as an excuse to claim that it’s a good cause like promoting tourism, etc. But the poor who CAN’T afford swab tests and SWANKY venues are discriminated against if they commit simple infraction the cops swoop down in no time.

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