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Recounting UNC’s 74th Foundation Anniversary Celebration

The weeklong celebration of the 74th Foundation Anniversary of the University of Nueva Caceres started and ended with a blast and a bang! Through the Foundation Day Mass, UNC honored God first and above all, with thanksgiving for His grace and goodness upon this institution through the years. In the Opening Program, the University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya jumpstarted a whole ensemble of memorable activities.

A highlight of the festivity was the talk given by our guest speaker, Dr. Edizon Fermin, “The (R)Evolving ‘I’: Independent, Inquisitive, and Inspired UNC Learners in Focus”. UNC took community engagement up a notch in BEST and NURTURE 4.0: The Gown Meets the Town, where the University and community partnership was brought to a whole new light. UNCeans promoted the protection of the planet and the people through Feb-ibig Cheers and Tree Planting Activity.

THE 2022 College Virtual Intramurals kicked off in a Fun Run where fitness and fellowship rolled into one. Elementary students may be little, but their passion for performing is big as proven in Little Greyhounds Got Talent. The Junior High School students put on a friendly showdown of skills during the Virtual Spoken Poetry, Infographics-Making Contest, and FebHirit. Senior High School students channeled the knack for creativity and the flair for artistry in the Visual Art Exhibit.

Igniting the fire in our souls are the heart-warming stories of personal experiences, hard-earned victories, and well-fought battles imparted by our persistent scholars in the newly launched book - Inspiration of Hope, likewise by our proud alumni in their book Sed Vitae: A Glimpse to UNC Alumni Inspiring Stories. More lives were touched in the competition Istorya ni Idol, Inspirasyon Ko. Our Library’s beautiful community narratives were told during sessions of the Foundation Features and Storytimes.

Strong, Resilient Youth sessions empowered SHS students to be the better versions of themselves. Let Our Votes be Expressed (LOVE) educated voters about their role in nation-building. We cheered for our candidates and rallied behind our bets in their quest to be the Mister and Miss University. We relished the virtual serenade performed by UNC Glee Club and UNC Band in the Songs of Love and Greatness. The 74th birthday of UNC was the perfect time to show gratitude, share love, and spread positivity through Maogmang Mamuot.

Officially closing the 74th Foundation Anniversary celebration was UNC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. Wrapping up everything and capping it all was neither saying farewell to the cheerful chapter nor putting an end to the sweet season. Rather, it is opening the new one and welcoming the next: The 75th Birthday of the University of Nueva Caceres – the Diamond Jubilee in 2023!

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