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Some of the 2,203 reef balls and 29,273 coral fragments deployed by Phil Gold Processing & Refining Corporation in the marine protected area (MPA) of Colorada Point in Tigbao, Aroroy, Masbate are now the home of various marine life like turtles, lobsters and colorful fish. The project started in 2017 in partnership with the local government unit of Aroroy is intended to rehabilitate the coral reefs that were destroyed due to dynamite fishing in the area and other illegal fishing activities. A reef ball is an artificial reef designed to mimic the function of a natural reef. It was developed by US-based Reef Ball Foundation to restore ailing or destroyed coral reefs and create new fishing and scuba diving sites. Phil Gold, owned by Vancouver-based gold producer B2Gold, which operates the processing plant in the Masbate Gold Project, has hired local fishermen in the community to become wardens of the MPA and assistants for coral planting and propagation works. A goat dispersal project was also implemented as part of the livelihood program support to the fisherfolks organization in the area.


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