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REL, The Heart of UNC

Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, President of the University of Nueva Caceres fittingly describes the Office of Research, Extension and Linkages or REL as the heart of the University. REL orchestrates six major functions and services: Research Center and Center for Nueva Caceres Studies, Alumni Office, Scholarships & Student Financial Grants Office (SSFGO), English Immersive Environment (EIE), Institutional Community Extension Services Office (ICES) and Linkages. At the helm is the Vice President for Research, Extension and Linkages, Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz, an academic leader, veteran educator, passionate researcher and an institutional frontliner in strengthening ties with the communities.

The Research Center ensures the sustainability of research culture, knowledge-creation and knowledge-sharing. It focuses on achieving excellence on the many facets of research by facilitating trainings, research mentoring and coaching, social learning, and providing major support services. The Center for Nueva Caceres Studies promotes the preservation of the culture, traditions and heritage of Nueva Caceres - the name first given to Naga City during the Spanish era.

The Alumni Office nurtures the strong connection and communication with UNC’s alumni community around the world. This implements the Knowledge Philanthropy Advocacy where our alumni selflessly render their expertise, experiences, time, talents and skills through webinars or conferences to enhance student life. UNC alumni reach out to this office to extend their resources and generosity by contributing in community extension initiatives and advocacy projects of the University.

The Scholarships & Student Financial Grants Office or SSFGO continues to strengthen partnerships with organizations to expand the prospects and opportunities for academic and non-academic student scholarships and awarding of grants or financial assistance to help our financially-challenged students, including financing or loans to pay out student account balances on reasonable terms and conditions.

UNC’s English Immersive Environment or EIE Program champions the use of English as the default language from preschool to college, enhancing student competency, fluency and confidence in English language usage. Since 2018, EIE has provided strong competitive advantage that influences the employability of UNCeans.

The Institutional Community Extension Services Office or ICES oversees programs and projects, including: CARE (Collaborative Assistance for Relevant Education) for knowledge sharing and literacy building; HELP (Health Education and Livelihood Program) for health education and livelihood; HOPE (Honing Opportunities to Protect and save the Environment) for environment protection and preservation; RISE (Raise Intended reSources in Extension) for a variety of assistance dedicated to specific beneficiaries. UNC employees, faculty and students spearhead community-building through volunteerism.

REL is making significant strides in establishing, nurturing and leveraging Linkages and partnerships with several government agencies, local government units, state universities and colleges, non-government organizations and civic organizations to transform lives and communities - for the greater good of our fellowmen and for the glory of God. Championing the town and gown partnership at the very best, Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz has these words to say: “It is through REL that the University goes beyond itself, gives back to society and serves from the heart.”


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