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Reliving the spirit of EDSA

By Rana Abdelwahed

Grade 11 HUMSS

La Consolacion College Iriga

As elections approach, the responsibility of each voter progressively begins to bear down on them. With statistics showing a large portion of voters to be among the youth, it becomes increasingly important that they be educated and reminded of the example set by those who came before them. Those who paved a way towards democracy, as well as the proper succession of events involving former president Marcos and his family. Through time, historical events that shape nations may become distorted, increasing the importance of educating oneself about the past. Imelda Marcos herself spoke the words: “Perception is real, the truth is not.”

The EDSA revolution was a powerful demonstration of the Filipino people standing up for their civil rights to unseat former president Ferdinand Marcos from his 20 year dictatorship that encompassed corruption, regime violence and graft. This nonviolent revolution managed to restore democracy to the Philippines and allow for a chance to heal from the wounds inflicted throughout president Marcos’ decades long dictatorship. That doesn’t go to say that his presidency was entirely made up of negatives, it simply comes down to whether order amounts to its cost of freedom.

The current youth must remember the unparalleled strength and freedom that the People Power Revolution embodies, what it represents for our beloved country and what standards it sets for our future. We must maintain the spirit of freedom and justice, along with order and power; morality and courage, along with intellect and wisdom. These values that were imparted to us by those who fought for a democracy where voices are heard and all lives are valued similarly.

Recalling these details brings us a step closer to reliving the spirit of EDSA, with it being all the more relevant in these current times. Times wherein it is important to remember the brave actions of those who stood up for our nation, wherein it is detrimental to learn from our past to avoid repeating any actions that led to suffering and therefore invalidating the efforts of the revolution that we commemorate so. To relive it is to reignite the flame felt by those who were there, who felt suffering at Marcos’ regime and the resolve to ensure that it ends there. The resolve that led to action based on unity and hope, drawn together with courage and intellect that we should all hope to have.

The spirit of EDSA is not a momentary flame but a long standing standard that should be upheld by the Filipino people in honor and recognition of the past as well as hope and insight for the future. The spirit of EDSA was brought about from hardship, stemming from the conviction to protect and preserve. If we do not learn from our past and move forward with the wisdom drawn from it, we are disregarding that effort. Which is why the spirit of EDSA, of freedom, justice, democracy, unity and bravery should be carried with us with each step we take into the future that those who came before us desired for our nation.

Not only should EDSA live in our memory but in our actions, whether it be big or small. The spirit of EDSA should be infused into the tasks we undertake to make a difference and result in positive impact for our environment. That spirit is what drives us to make things right when we see something wrong, to fix what’s broken and to find the silver lining in the situations we’re in. It is the courage to stand up for what you believe in and the wisdom to do it right, the dedication to our nation and compassion for its people. EDSA is unity, justice and love, which is why we should ensure that its spirit is alive in our hearts every day.


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