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Renowned artist to beginners: ‘Prioritize your work over sales’

By Paulo DS. Papa

AWARD winning Bicolano painter Jonahmar Salvosa reminds newcomers pursuing their painting career to be professional enough in coming up with art pieces.

The 70-year-old veteran painter who hails from Barangay San Pablo in Calabanga, Camarines Sur earned accolades for his masterpiece that depicts St. Lorenzo Ruiz, which at present is displayed at the Vatican museum in Rome, Italy.

He also won multiple awards in international art competitions. One of his well-known magnum opus is the portrait of “Mother and Child,” which carries his distinct art styles. “Mother and Child” has drawn praises from the public when he exhibited it in London, England.

ABOVE are just few examples of artworks made by famous Bicolano artist Jonahmar Salvosa, which are available for viewing at the V Gallery in Barangay Liboton, Naga City.

In a press conference conducted last Saturday at the V Gallery at M.T. Villanueva Avenue, in Barangay Liboton, here, he advised young and new local artists to prioritize their search for their own identity by visualizing their ideas and views in their works of art.

Salvosa said that every painter should be a good painter, an expert whose art objects deserve public recognition. “Let the sales follow,” he said.

“Kadakle kaya sa mga bagohan an pig-iisip tolos su barakalan. Magpinta ka lang nin magpinta ta pag nabisto ka na surunudan na an mabarakal saimo. An importante maipaheling mo si ideas mo sa paagi kan pag-paint” he said.

Last Monday, his solo exhibit at the gallery entitled “Viaje” was opened for public. “Viaje,” according to him, narrates his arrival in Bicol after a long stay in various parts of the world where he exhibited his artworks.


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