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Replacement is a Reward

“I thank the PDEA for doing their job without fear or favor. I have no conflict with them”.

“We would like to thank the PDEA for doing their job. We were never informed of their operation and they were correct in doing so,”. (

Those are quotes from DOJ Secretary Boying Remulla and Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla respectively, referring to PDEA’s arrest of the DOJ Chief’s son and Governor’s nephew over importation of a bulk of high grade weed. The brothers echoed each other in their commendations of PDEA’s arrest pf the son/nephew. You have to admit those are noble words. I could imagine the frustration of a family getting involved in a tough drug case, and bearing the struggle to have to praise arresting agents. That was something. For a moment there, you would think that these are really tough government officials who are committed to justice.

I could imagine that at the point that the PDEA squad had recognized that they would be arresting the son of the DOJ Secretary himself, they could have thought twice and kept themselves from getting entangled in a probable controversy. They could have done something to find another way to get themselves from any trouble. But they sent went through with it, ad that was really without fear or favor. t

Even the President has his piece In a TV news interview, the DOJ Secretary relays that the President called to console him and reportedly told him that he understands his plight as a parent. Okay. I guess, that’s how friends would talk to each other.

I suppose a government employee who performed his/her duty without fear or favor would deserve at least a pat on the back, a big congratulatory handshake, maybe a banquet in honor of the team or a paid vacation or a bonus, or a raise. Maybe, a rank promotion would be justifiable. Let’s try to find out what these officials who carried out their duties without fear or favor got as a gesture of commendation. Well, let’s see what reward he got. He was replaced by the President with a former PNP SAF Chief, after serving in PDEA since 2020. Wait, what’s that again? The PDEA Chief, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency General Director who would bear the command responsibility for the apprehension of a million peso worth of drug bust. Is two years long enough a stay to warrant a reshuffle? I don’t think two years has been long enough. Even if he did not get that “pat on the back”. Maybe he deserved to stay a little bit longer so he could continue to do the good that he has been doing. I suppose if someone performs very well, at least, he should stay in position a little bit longer so he could continue with the good that he has been doing, or have the chance to do even better. Who know? Maybe, he has a lot more up his sleeve. At most, I suppose, he deserves a higher position.

Maybe, they were being honest when they said that they were not going to interfere with the judicial process of the case of the arrested family member. Although, I have heard some doubts and bouts with acceptance, maybe they would be true to their word. Maybe they really won’t stretch some inch of influence to have him released, to lighten the gravity of the case, to tamper the evidence, to have the evidence get lost or something, to place predisposed judges or fiscals. Maybe, they really won’t do any of those.

Now, the PDEA General Director has been replaced. Yes, he has been replaced. After accomplishing supposedly an impressive feat, he has been replaced. I could only hope he just got reassigned to some equal level position, and not demoted or put on floating status.

Maybe, this move is not related to the drug case. Maybe, this is just isolated standard operating procedure. Maybe, there is another valid reason. Maybe, it really is time for him to go, to move on to another office. Maybe, the new guy is really better, and would deliver better performance. Maybe, the new guy carries with him a portfolio of experience, and he would be extremely familiar with the routine of the duties. Yes, maybe, he knows a lot better.

Because of this, law enforcement agents may think twice on the effects of arresting or conducting operations on personalities that may directly or indirectly cause their replacement or any changes on their employment status, especially with the expensive commodities. Because of this, any government employee may think twice on acting on any irregularity that may directly and indirectly cause some change on their employment status. The buzz says, back off.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” - Luke 6:38


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