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Rosal’s reported return to capitol jolts Albayanos

By Manuel T. Ugalde

LEGAZPI CITY --- A news about the return to capitol of disqualified Albay Gov. Noel Rosal has jolted Albayanos with media critics identified with the opposing side, however, quickly debunked the news as faked.

A brief radio broadcast on Tuesday went viral in the social media that quoted radio broadcaster Noli Ferrer claiming that the Supreme Court 10-4-1 votes in favour of the disqualified governor may came out anytime next week. The broadcast said that 10 justices have voted in favour of Rosal, four against, and 1, abstained. Ferrer, however, did not mention a name of his source nor whether if his information was covered by a document.

But other radio broadcast report on Wednesday from Radio Oragon hosted by one Jess Magayanes slammed the report about alleged Supreme Court decision as faked news, citing complainant Joseph Almogila who he said remained mum about alleged Supreme Court resolution regarding Rosal appeal. Magayanes is said to be on the Rosal opposite side, quoting his usual reports about the Rosal disqualification issue. He likewise slammed members of the broadcast media attacking fellow media practitioners, a non practice in the print media.

Residents are in quandary which of which of the news reports from radio broadcasters are to be believed. One radio reporter identified with the disqualified governor was quite hazy in tackling the issue saying he cannot reveal yet confirmation about the said Supreme Court decision in Rosal favor, but hinted his favour, saying he would readily announced it once a receipt -– referring to the decision once handed to him. The said reporter urged his listeners to remain focus on his program with a parting words in tagalog “abangan ang pagbabalik…”

Rosal was disqualified by the Commission on Election for violating the Omnibus Election Code, when as Legazpi City mayor, he distributed cash assistance for the senior citizens and tricycle drivers in Legazpi City during the 45-day election ban. He was initially disqualified by the Comelec First Division on September 19, last year. Two weeks later, the Comelec 2nd Division issued its decision disqualifying Legazpi City elected mayor Geraldine Rosal, the wife of the governor. The complaint versus Gov. Rosal and his wife, said that the couple were together in the distribution of the cash assistance. The complaint was filed by defeated city councillor bet Joseph San Juan Almogila, a tricycle driver.

On November 19, the Comelec en banc promulgated its decision disqualifying Noel Rosal as governor, followed by a writ of execution. On December 3, the Comelec installed vice Governor Grex Lagman as governor by operation of law.

With pending appeal filed by Rosal before the Supreme Court after failing to get a temporary restraining order, political observers monitoring development of Rosal case, tagged the month of January as the crucial period for the possible release of the Comelec en banc decision on the fate of Mayor Geraldine Rosal. Two weeks ago, radio reporters identified with the Rosal camp float that an early return of Govenor Rosal to the capitol maybe realized soon.

The pros and cons about Rosal return pending at the high court, however, continued to divide Albayanos, with the pro Rosal group giving heavy weight on the result of the election for governor that give Rosal a landslide mandate of more than 469,481 votes against the sitting reelectionist Gov. Al Francis Bichara, who obtained a discouraging low votes barely half of Rosal.

GOV. Lagman extended his gratitude to the 65 linemen and technicians, 5 from CANORECO; 5, CASURECO 1; 7, CASURECO II; 5, CASURECO III; 8, CASURECO IV; 5, SORECO I; 13, SORECO II; 6, TISELCO, 6, MASELCO and 7 from FISELCO. The province hosted their 1 week board and lodging at the Governor’s Guest House just to make their mission a success.


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