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Salceda amenable to run as vice president

By Cet Dematera

ALBAY 2nd District Rep. Joey Salceda said he is amenable to run as vice president of the Philippines in the 2022 national elections.

In an interview, Salceda admitted that he is not turning his back to the prodding of businessman Ramon S. Ang and other business tycoons in the country to an option of running as vice president.

“National politics have no appeal to me especially if “lugaw” is not essential,” Salceda posted in his Facebook page.

But in sudden change of mind, Salceda said that ‘“lugaw” is essential.’

Salceda said he is considering the option of running in the vice presidential race as prodded by big businessmen.

“But of course, I have to consider the decision of the administration since I am part of the (Duterte) administration,” Salceda said in the interview.

He said: I use my heart to make choices. I use my mind to make policies and make projects.

But Salceda stressed out that since he belongs to the PDP-Laban, he has to abide by the decision of the party.

“But I am open to that option of running for the vice presidential race,” he repeated.

Salceda said that while he is thanking the support of the big businessmen should he opt to run, he has also to listen to the voices of the people.

“Ultimately the voice of the people will be supreme in my decision,” Salceda added.

He also said that he has first to finish all his commitments to his constituents in the Second District of Albay.

Salceda had first spooned a bowl of “lugaw” before he said that “lugaw” is “essential,” a pronouncement opposed to what he posted earlier in his Facebook account that “lugaw” is not essential.


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