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School-Based Feeding Program of San Miguel Elementary School, Bato District, Division of Cam. Sur

By Gina C. Mota

School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) are considered to be a sound investment in education. There is evidence that school feeding programs increase enrollment, cognition, and educational achievement. In School Year 2023-2024, San Miguel Elementary School, Bato District is one of the recipients of the said program. The school shall take responsibility of feeding of all identified severely wasted students from Kindergarten to Grade VI Priority should be given to them due to high level of dropout rate, vulnerability of illnesses and undernutrition.

The school has been a basic foundation of skills and learning and is the ideal point for a programs. One of the programs implemented by the Department of Education through the SDO Camarines Sur is the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) with goals in alleviating malnourished children and enhancing the academic performance of school learners. By working cooperatively, the SBFP can result in greater impact to our learners. They can also help in finding new ways of doing things to achieve a common vision that will enable SBFP to cover more children in need. We are expected to conduct nutritional assessment from Kindergarten to Grade 6 learners. These data shall be the bases for assessing the improvement of the nutritional status of the children at the end of the program. The school shall conduct an orientation and consultation among school personnel and parents before program implementation to ensure effectiveness, common understanding of the program and the responsibilities of implementers and parents. Aside from feeding, the children should be taught proper hygiene, table manners, good grooming, simple concepts on health care, and importance of nutrition in their health and development, among others.

There is a decrease in the wasted and severely wasted pupils. This is due to School Based Feeding Program conducted. An increase in the number of normal, overweight and obese were also noted. To improve the performance and to lessen the severely wasted or improve the Nutritional Status of the learners. There is a need to continue the programs, projects, activities and best practices because it was proven to be successful.


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