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Second Sunday of Advent: Violet is for the Voice: That we are called to Listen to the Voice Invitin

By Fr. Luisito A. Occiano

St John the Baptist calls us to straighten the crooked ways,” and “make the rough road smooth.”

There was once an egg of an eagle that was mixed with the eggs of a chicken. When the eagle was hatched, the eagle thought that he was a chicken. He never tried to fly high because of that wrong idea that he is not an eagle and will never fly like an eagle. How sad, what a wasted identity. What wasted eyes that could see for miles. What a wasted wings that could have flown so high.

Self-recognition that Leads to Waste

Yes, something like this happened to many of us. At birth we became “earthly beings” but at baptism we were elevated to become” heavenly beings.” But now, even though we are heavenly beings we prefer the things of earthly beings. Instead of thinking about heavenly mansions we prefer to think about earthly mansions. We know heavenly things will last forever – but we prefer collecting earthly things which we cannot take with us.

We know that only God’s approval and admiration is important – but we prefer to seek the approval and admiration of others. How sad. What a waste of the heavenly life, given to us at baptism. We know that we are eagles but we prefer the life of chicken.

Our Choices that Leads to Waste

Many times also our choices leads us to our own waste. What a great blessing to be given the right to suffrage. Choosing the people to lead us is a true mark of democracy. However, our poor choice leads us to disaster.

Many choose for candidates because they gave them money. Or some vote for candidates based on popularity or fake news. Now, another elections will happen and we are asked again to be more careful not to waste the single vote that will dictate our future.

Advent as the Voice towards Transformation

a. Advent urges us to look back to our past to rediscover our identity. It is in knowing our gifted life that we are lead to gratitude. We have to learn from the past mistakes. And be careful with people who try to revise the past.

b. Advent Season invites us also for self-examination that leads to self-reform. Sometime mediocrity hinders us to be better. We are asked to discern our self now. How have we loved so far? How responsible am I as a citizen of our land?

c. Advent is also forward looking. When we drive, we need to look straight ahead. Focus on who is to come. Making straight the way of the Lord is not being distracted by worldly things this Christmas. There are many candidates who will lead you away from the master. Its not only the voice of St. John the Baptist leading us to repentance.. But rather its the voice of the Good Shepherd who is ushering his flock to the green pasture . If only we will choose the right leader who will lead us to a brighter future.

Only then can we fly high with our spirit of love and joy.


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