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Shifting in Stride and in Style: The University of Nueva Caceres adapting to the new normal

By Faye Tablizo-Natividad

Sararo dawa suruhay.

We are one in navigating uncertainty,

negotiating difficulty, nurturing adaptability.

Recently, unprecedented obstacles have given birth to unprecedented opportunities. New problems have unlocked new prospects.

Last year, we embraced interruptions in every part of our life, but we also bounced back with innovations, every time. As an institution, the University of Nueva Caceres was challenged in many fronts, but it emerged victorious, time and again. Resilient is a big word, but as UNCeans, we wrapped our heads, our hearts and our hands around it. A truly resilient institution and community that is UNC, because at UNC, we are future-ready.

To ensure continuity of learning and prioritize everyone’s safety, UNC offers Flexible Learning Solutions to suit the students’ learning needs and study situations in the new normal. The learners and their guardians may choose from Flexi Tech and Flexi Kit.

Flexi Kit is for those who have zero internet connectivity, and uses printed modules delivered to students while Flexi Tech is for those who have internet connectivity, and uses a powerful online Learning Management System (LMS) or virtual classroom. With these options, students can still experience UNC’s nurturing education through flexible remote learning deliveries, right at the comfort of their homes.

UNC orchestrated several student support systems from various University offices. Among the many initiatives in this line is UNC’s Student Success Coaching Program, which holistically supports freshmen students in acquiring academic and social skills necessary not only to successfully transition to new university life, but to navigate the rest of their university journey. The program is dedicated to help freshmen students to balance their academics, extra-curricular activities and personal life. It also extends assistance in online learning and serves to monitor and motivate them, and to celebrate their successes.

With top-of-the line technology being a ticket to a wealth of ways to teach and learn, UNC employed an internationally recognized Learning Management System (LMS) that students can navigate and explore with ease. Students who chose Flexi Tech discover a whole new way of learning. Students can enjoy the educational experience and powerful innovation right at their fingertips. Likewise, UNC is quick to advance the Online Enrollment System (OES) that is fully capable of managing remote or off-site enrollment. This comes with dedicated systems assistance across different platforms, and coupled with available payment methods and options for the students’ convenience.

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, UNC took care of its own, with empathy and urgency. Led by our President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya and institutional front-liners, UNC raised the battle cry: Sararo Dawa Suruhay, One UNC in the New Normal. UNC pioneered the first ever, academe-initiated webinar series in Bicolandia to actively support UNCean students and families in this sudden transition to the new normal and rare realities. This production featured College Deans and Principals, Academic and Office Heads, students and alumni. Topics tackled in all eight episodes revolve around the distinct UNC academic and non-academic plans, programs, policies, assistance, relevant matters, etc.; question and answer sessions with viewers were also held.

Just when online is alright and virtual is the new normal, multiple institutional events including recognitions and graduations, concerts, orientations, seminars, tributes, and Christmas specials, successfully transitioned to digital platforms.


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