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SKK Day 2022

By Karen Bisana-Tolentino

On June 25, 2022 the gathering of all SKK Vicarial Priests and Lay Coordinators was held together with few parishioners who will be working directly as SKK Members. The Big Hall at the Basilica Minore Penafrancia Complex was the venue of the said event which was attended by approximately 150 persons. The event dubbed as “SKK Day 2022” was graced by His Eminence Archbishop Rolando Octavus J. Tria-Tirona, OCD, as the main speaker and spoke about SKK in the context of Synodality. Arch. Tirona discussed thoroughly about what SKK is all about, its origin and how the teachings of the church evolves and reforms as time goes by. The formation of SKK has also been taught and how the BEC participates in the life of the Church. Part of the program was to present to the body the new Vicarial Priests and Lay Coordinators for SKK. The event which started from 8:00am and ended until 1:00pm, was hosted by Ms. Gie Alvina and assisted by the other core team members headed by Fr. Emmanuel Mojica, Julma Narvadez, Dra. Marita Quimlat, Ning-Ning Labay, Ae Arriola and Karen Tolentino together with a cheerful support team. After the talk that the Archbishop gave, the lay people were given the chance to ask questions and very interesting thoughts came to light. A great part of the seminar was when the workshop happened wherein the participants were grouped into 10 and requested to report their group sharing. Some merchandise were sold during the event, drift shirts were priced at Ph150 and the same with mugs. There were also bibles sold for Php 200 per item. For more details on how to purchase these items, you can message us at our FB Page : SKK -Caceres.

The annual SKK Day seminar/workshop has now been decided to be held every Saturday before the celebration of SKK Sunday (Trinity Sunday). This has also been announced to the group with the hope that more can join the next gathering.

Parishes with SKKs had a workshop on June 25, in connection with the lecture on synodality with Archbishop Tria Tirona as keynote speaker. (Photo Credit: SKK Caceres)


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