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SSS launches ‘Run After Contribution Evaders’

By Connie Calipay

The Social Security System (SSS) has recently conducted its “Run After Contribution Evaders” (RACE) campaign in selected local government units in the 1st District of Albay.

Jeanette Mapa, SSS-Bicol spokesperson, said on Tuesday, March 29, that their senior vice president for Luzon Operations Group, Antonio Argabioso, together with other SSS officials visited six employers in Tabaco City and the towns of Bacacay and Sto. Domingo due to their non-remittance of contributions and/or non-registration of business to the agency.

“They also issued a written notice which aims to enjoin employers to settle their obligation to SSS through availment of the Pandemic Relief and Reconstructing Program-Enhanced Installment Payment Program (PRRP 3),” she said.

In a statement, Argabioso acknowledged that the country is badly affected by the pandemic and the business sector is still gradually recovering from its economic losses, but companies are still expected to remit their employees’ SSS contributions so they would be able to avail of their benefits.

“We are advising all delinquent employers, including those employers who were subjected to the RACE campaign to coordinate with their respective Account Officers to avail of the PRRP 3,” he added.

Under the PRRP 3, employers may pay within nine to 60 months depending on the total amount of their obligation under the following payment schemes: first, they may pay in full the principal obligation first and the corresponding penalties to be paid in installments; second, apply the monthly installments to the principal ahead of the payment for the penalties or; pay in full the remaining delinquency at any time during the term of the Installment Payment Agreement (IPA).

Employers are mandated by the Social Security Act to deduct from the salaries/wages of employees their share in the monthly contribution, pay their own share of contributions including Employee’s Compensation, and remit these regularly.

All employers must register with the SSS and report their employees for coverage.

Argabioso urged employers to comply with the law to secure the welfare of their employees.

“In this time of pandemic, workers nowadays are facing contingencies such as sickness, injury, job or income loss, and even death. Employers’ compliance to the SS Law is very crucial in securing the welfare of their workers and SSS is here to ensure that our members can avail of their well-deserved benefits,” he said. (PNA)


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