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October 5 is World Teachers’ Day. For those of us who have been out of school for many many years now, the memories we have of our favorite teachers remain. We may have forgotten the exact lessons imparted to us but we will never forget the way they made us feel. Good teachers will always be around. They are kind, dedicated, inspiring, and life-changers. Teachers could make or break a student.

There are the so called “terror” teachers. Some are overly strict, some are condescending, some are outright torturers, they seem to have come from hell. Those teachers are nonetheless, hard to forget. Lessons are learned from them as well.

We give tribute to teachers for their noble mission to educate us and our progeny. What would the world be without them? The teaching profession, even before it was professionalized, is a sacrifice of the self. It is to ensure that the future generation is equipped with knowledge and skills for making the world a better place. Teachers help form the future for after all, they are considered the second mothers of our children.

Before a child goes to school, there is the mother at home who teaches her children the basics – ABCs, songs, values, prayers, life hacks, confidence, etc. It is mothers who are the first teachers. Then there are mothers whose profession is teaching. What a double whammy! Double work, double sacrifice, double headache, but also double points to heaven because for me, teachers are angels. Well, the good ones of course.

My mother is a retired public school teacher. She was a diligent, dedicated, hardworking teacher from the day she first worked to her retirement. Teaching was her lifelong profession. She still teaches my grandson, helps with his homework. She taught him to read. I never got the hang of teaching. It’s too much work for me, taxing on the energy, the vocal chords, and the patience. Teachers are angels and I salute all the noble sacrificing teachers all over the world. Thank you for your sacrifices in helping mold a better generation, a better world. God bless all teachers. Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Titser, Titser

As the city opened after those seemingy endless lockdowns, the theater and cultural scene is alive again. One upcoming play is about to open this week. We need to such shows here in our beloved city as we are starved of things that age good for the heart and the soul. Arts and Culture make a place rich in history and heritage. We can’t all be progress but empty in the soul. Any vibrant progressive city is rich in Culture and the Arts.

Titser, Titser is a play by Sangre de Naga Theater Company to celebrate the World Teachers’ Month. It is a play by Sari Saysay which will have it’s rerun here in Naga City.

Synopsis as given by Teacher Bel Borja of ALT Learning Center and who is the lead actress in the play is as follows:

Emily, a public school arts teacher and first-time mom, returns to teach in a limited face-to-face class after two years of being in a flexible set up due to the pandemic. As she adapts to the changes, her students are also about to embrace something new in their lives.

The premiere night is on October 7, 2022 at 7pm. Other show are scheduled on October 9, 2 pm, 4pm, and 7 pm.

Venue is at the NHCP Museo ni Jesse Robredo Auditorium, Naga Civic Center, Taal Avenue, Naga City.

Titser, Titser is directed by Bruce Aranas, who also did the set design. Stage Management by Salvacion Belleza and Joan Villegas. Lights by Vanessa Santor and Sounds by Brian Borja.

Tickets cost 150. Book them at and fill out the form. Indicate your chosen show schedule and number of tickets. Send your payment via GCash to 09274434328, Bruce Raleen Aranas). Download or screencap the receipt and upload it in the google form. Wait for an email confirmation from re your ticket reservation including your ticket control number.

Printed tickets will be available upon entrance. Details taken from the Naga City Guide facebook page. Thank you, Bryden Elizan!


The Best of Bicol Tourism and Trade Fair is a curation of events in four days at the SM City Event Center ground floor and atrium on October 7-9, 2022 and at the Savage Mind: Arts, Books, Cinema on October 10, 2022.

“Celebrating the artistry of Bicolanos headed by National Artists Nora Aunor and Ricky Lee, all the film shot in our beautiful locations in the region, our local arts, crafts, and trades, our Sorsogon province Ksanggayahan Festival, our world class cacao, and our important literature will be showcased in the four day-event,” said Eleanor Zuniga Montemayor, overall event organizer of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 18th Bicol Business Month.

The Bicol Business Month is a yearly event by the MNCCI and it is now on its 18th year.

See you at the Best of Bicol!


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