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The Philippines loves the U.A.E.

Why? Because the U.A.E. loves the Philippines aplenty. Recently, the government of the United Arab Emirates donated fifty five tons of different food packages and medicines for the 13,000 people who evacuated the perilous slopes of Mount Mayon. Moreover, did you know that they even have an Official Facebook Page called Emirates Loves Philippines? Wow! It does tug at your heartstrings in a good way. Rignt?

On the Love Page, it states that it is a token of appreciation from the Emirates to all the people of the Philippines. During the 125th Independence Day of the Philippines, the Burj Khalifa, an iconic skyscraper, was all lighted up with the Filipino Flag.

When I was at the U.A.E. airport for a lay over a few years back, a young Filipina approached me. She was in tears. So, I asked her what was the matter. Well, she said, it was her first job abroad and she felt homesick for her family. She wanted to call them.

I could not help her, my cellphone was not on roaming or set to international calls because I was traveling with family. Thus, I just chatted with her to keep her company until it was time for my family and I to continue our international flight. In reality, I wrote a piece about her here on Bicol Mail a few years ago. There is no place like home. Furthermore, it would be better to work in your own country.

However, Emirates loves Philippines so much that U.A.E. almost feels akin to home. Why? Because the people of U.A.E. has an authentic appreciation of the contributions of Filipinos to their social fabric. The interwoven and intertwining similarities between the two cultures are a testament of the kindness and goodness of humanity: shattering differences and polarities.

The impressive U.A.E. airport has a core at the center with a tree-like-column spreading upwards toward the ceiling. It may also be described as a concrete fountain where its smooth fluidity is all the more emphasized and embellished by the ornate geometric paintings of green, black, and, white. While the ceiling has a geometric pattern in blue and white. The ambience is, absolutely, cosmopolitan-middle-eastern.

I myself felt completely foreign, isolated, and, alienated when I set foot on the gate lane of the airport. Most of the people are Middle-Eastern, of course, although I had seen in Media their clothes, in actual real life they look comfortable and airy. They are specially made for the desert climate.

Indiana Jones was and still is one of my heroes back in the day, I was in high school then when I saw the first installment, and in the airport I saw people who looked like the characters in the film. It made my lay over an adventurous and cultural immersion spectacle.

Yesterday, I saw the fifth and final installment of the film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Jones did not want to go back anymore. Why? Because he had no one and nothing to go back to, so he wanted to stay with Archimedes: in ancient times. Jones’ son died in a war. And, his wife would leave him after divorce papers were signed. He was in complete dejection.

At any rate, how did his goddaughter convince him to return to modern times? She punched his lights out. When he woke up, after seeing his goddaughter and the boy, his team for the time-travel adventure, his wife came in. To make the long story short, everybody hurts, but, true love heals all wounds. And, as they say, the rest is history and they lived happily ever after.

Again to reiterate, the United Arab Emirates loves the Philippines dearly. They earned my respect; more importantly, my trust; and most significantly, my love.

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