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The University of Nueva Caceres: A Lighthouse for Learners

As the year 2021 comes to a close and the new year 2022 ushers in, it is fitting to reflect upon the beautiful thought of edifying an institution of learning such as the University of Nueva Caceres – the first University in Bicol. We are future-ready: wholly committed to our vision to be the top university of choice for Bicolanos everywhere; and fully devoted to our mission to expand opportunities for every Bicolano everywhere.

Let us find fortitude to persist in what we do and live up to our lofty calling to nurture today the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Investing in the lives of our learners is our life’s legacy. The hardships shall never extinguish our light, because a lighthouse is what we are and will always be:

Since time immemorial, a lighthouse serves as a brilliant beacon for sea travelers and seafarers, an iconic welcome to those arriving. For voyagers out at sea, engulfed in darkness, blanketed by cold, a lighthouse is a sentinel of hope and a pillar of strength. Equally romantic and scenic, it is a sight to behold.

Beaming over the stormy seas, a lighthouse offers safety, stability and security. It symbolizes moving forward and finding our way to the safe harbor, amid adversity and through the challenging and changing time. As a shining portal, it represents guidance in navigating through waters, whatever the treacherous tides and the journey mean.

Steady and mighty, tall and towering, a lighthouse embodies the lofty ideals and nobility of mankind. It is a metaphor for the human spirit, kindling light in the darkness, reaching from the earth to the heavens.

Students are like sailors; they are on a journey. Learners are like explorers sailing towards a destination. The path to education and the learning process may be rough and tough, but UNC as a learning institution makes the positive difference. We do to the students what the lighthouse does to the voyagers – guide and guard them to find their way, their voice and their place in the world.

UNC is a lighthouse. We pass on light and knowledge, rendering selfless service through the generations. Sacrifices are costly to keep the lighthouse fire ablaze. We are a lighthouse, for all the beautiful attributes and ideals it stands for. And we know full well that the main and mighty source of our light is God Almighty. To God be all the glory, forever.


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