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UNC Academic Community Champions Extension Services

The UNC School of Graduate Studies (SGS), the apex of the University, places a premium on community extension services. SGS Dean who is the concurrent Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., together with SGS Assistant Dean, Prof. Michel P. Basister, nurtures the culture of community extension services as a centerpiece drill integral to the academic milestones of lifelong learners. SGS students are accustomed to the “town and gown partnership,” a partnership between the “town” - the community and the local government, and the “gown” - the university or school. This alliance brings to life the lofty ideals of both in a practical and palpable sense, equally benefiting them.

The Problem-Research-Outcome-Based-Education (PROBE) Model used by UNC SGS across all graduate programs every semester is similar to the practices of internationally renowned academic institutions. SGS synergizes its professional and academic expertise, facilities, linkages, research capabilities and engagements to champion community extension services toward identifying and understanding the problems and needs of the society. The culmination of their learning is to create constructive change in the society through solutions or innovations.

SGS takes community extension services up a notch by cultivating extensive skills in service, wider perspective on prevailing human conditions, and deeper social sympathy for the less privileged. Learners genuinely demonstrate these when they converge to advocate for noble causes. This is one of the glorious moments proving what our University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria Lauraya often say - society has problems and the academe has solutions. This “town and gown partnership” promotes social relevance at its finest.

Come November, through the leadership of the School of Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences, UNC is spearheading a most welcomed community extension service staged in dynamic medium, podcast – a recorded program of talk available over the internet and can be watched/listened to on a computer or other device. The first guest is no less than our VPAA and SGS Dean, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. This knowledge-sharing interactive platform shall put a spotlight on transformative leadership in various spheres like the academe, corporate world and government sector, among others.

Proudly and gladly, students of the UNC School of Graduate Studies are future-ready: educated beyond the confines of campus; inspired to be real-life winners; trained to be purposeful individuals; prepared to be change agents in the society; supported to be assets of the economy; and molded to be better citizens of the world. UNS SGS shares the conviction that students are shaped for service and groomed for greatness - honed to be homegrown heroes.


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