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UNC Collaborates with Industry Leaders for Student Employability

The University of Nueva Caceres is making significant strides in partnering with industry leaders to ensure student employability. With the University President Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya at the helm, UNC leverages partnerships with industry leaders to nurture life-ready, work-ready, and future-ready graduates. The collaboration between academe and industry can make miracles and work wonders to enhance the employment outlook of our graduates. Unique initiatives equally spotlight the gap between academe and industry and bridge that gap to set the stage for the Bicolano talents to shine. Such strategic partnership is imperative in equipping UNCeans to welcome the great wave of mega growth and change. Talent creation and preparation empowers students to navigate this technology-transformed and technology-driven world – ways and workplaces. At the heart of this academe-industry partnership is employability, which is also at the core of Accenture, one of the largest technology services organizations in the Philippines and a leading global professional services company.

Strategic and Synergistic

The UNC College of Computer Studies, led by the Dean, Ms. Agnes T. Reyes, is tireless in its efforts to nurture future-ready students. CCS collaborates with Accenture to develop programs that address the relevant industry’s current and future needs. Together, they crafted flexible industry-aligned curricula anchored on outcomes-based learning with skills certifications. UNC Professional Employment Program (PEP) upscales our CCS Student’s ability to meet the industry’s standard for employment. Accenture Technology Academy (ATA) equips students with the latest technologies to refine their skills. This unique academe-industry partnership gave birth to the Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) powdered by PEP and Accenture - a co-branded and co-designed program, available only in UNC. This 2-year program opens a direct pathway to employment in technology and software engineer jobs with Accenture. This premium program is exclusive in the UNC College of Computer Studies. In the Philippines, Accenture is pioneering this initiative only in the University of Nueva Caceres.

Perks of the Program

Accenture will hire ACT graduates immediately after graduation. Through ACT, students will undergo intensive training under Accenture Technology Academy and TechPEP. Completion of the training will lead to direct employment under the Fastlane Recruitment of Accenture, expediting the whole recruitment process.

ACT students will earn while they learn. ACT is a 2-year program and work-based learning experience solution with a ladderized opportunity to finish a 4-year college degree. All subjects taken under the ACT program will be credited to the first two years in the BS Computer Studies or BS Information Technology curriculum, requiring only two additional years to complete the degree program. ACT students get full advantage of the employment and professional training while pursuing their 4-year college course.

Be Future-ready, Today.

The University of Nueva Caceres is making headway in producing UNCeans who will be the top choice of employers and sought-after by companies. UNC is committed to cultivating these UNCean graduate attributes: EXcellent communicator, Creative leader, Ethical citizen, and Lifelong learner. UNCeans ExCEL! Accenture, a dominant force in the market, coined the UNCean graduates as “full package hires.” Certainly a worthy vouch for UNC’s ability to deliver its promise.

Come August 2022, ACT powered by PEP and Accenture welcomes senior high school graduates from any track, college graduates, professionals, and interested individuals who want to upskill, cross-skill, or reskill. Being aligned with the market trends and attuned to industry needs can facilitate access to promising prospects and possibilities. UNCeans are employable and marketable. They can pick and plot their journey to their heart’s delight. Bear in mind that the best time to be future-ready is today. The best place to begin is in UNC.


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