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UNC Diamond Jubilee Tanglaw Awards 2023

The special season to share the stage and shine the spotlight on UNC’s employees.

UNC’s Most Valuable Assets

As a school of choice and workplace of choice, the University of Nueva Caceres recognizes the tenet that people are its greatest asset. UNC employees provide diverse support, render a spectrum of services, promote stakeholder and student satisfaction, and enhance institutional success. Its employees make UNC every Bicolano’s Best BET, anchoring on Best Student Life, Excellent Student Outcomes, and Top School Reputation.

Through the UNC Human Resources Department, headed by Assistant Vice President Prof. Divinagracia L. David, UNC empowers its employees by investing in manpower development, facilitating opportunities for growth and advancement, setting career paths to achieve their full potential as workers and professionals, and recognizing its people and their contributions. Hence, the UNC Diamond Jubilee Tanglaw Awards 2023.

Honoring our Human Resources

This season, in perfect time for the great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee of the University of Nueva Caceres, we took a moment to honor and hail the men and women who have gifted their service to this Diamond University. On the occasion of the Tanglaw Awards – the first in UNC’s 75-year history and heritage, UNC put the spotlight on its 75 top-performing employees and stepped up to salute the rest of UNC’s people.

The chief architect of our inspiration, UNC’s matriarch, motivator, and mentor, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya delivered her message to the UNC family. The acclaimed UNC Glee Club rendered performances celebrating UNC’s highly committed and deeply dedicated employees, and honoring the entire UNC community who has displayed the UNCean core values and demonstrated the resilient spirit at its finest. Our special thanks to our Assistant Vice President Prof. Divinagracia L. David, assisted by Dr. Joy S.B. Gaza, the entire UNC Human Resources Department, and Mr. Brian Nacianceno.

75 Employees in UNC’s Diamond Jubilee

The 75 Tanglaw Awardees in the 75th Foundation Anniversary of UNC – the Diamond Jubilee, have blazed the trail, led the way, upped the notch, raised the bar, and set the gold standard for performance. Excellence embodied, they are UNC’s 75 Diamonds:

RESEARCH ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Kristine Idda P. Del Rosario, Karen F. Perez, Percival S. Tordilla, Maria Marietta B. Basbas, Dr. Salvador C. Arcilla Jr., Maria Cristina B. Maniquiz, Nico A. Ogarte, Maricar B. Bien, Engr. Claze Therese De Vera, Engr. Christine C. Bautista.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Francisca M. Sabdao, Arch. Mariel May S. Gamalinda, Engr. Diana Grace A. Quiñones, Arch. Augusto D. Bolo Jr., Engr. Sheramie T. Bautista, Shirley A. Genio, Rubiesahn P. Baal, Charmaine Ana Marie G. Mamano, Maria Lourdes P. Francisco, Jason B. Mariscal, Francisco F. Parra Jr., Mark Benedict O. Velarde.

STUDENT EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Agnes T. Reyes, Emmanuel C. Ventura, Engr. Gina Salvacion E. Diocos, Ernesto R. Gurnot Jr., Michel P. Basister, June Arreb C. Danila, Engr. Charmaine P. Narvadez. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Robin Carlos P. Bernal, Faye T. Natividad, Janet R. Cantor, Maria Theresa D. Fajardo, John Paul Louie L. Abe, Jo-Ann L. Dancalan, Angelica R. Cadag.

TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Maria Carla R. Mañago, Arch. John Paul B. Arellano, Jona Christine P. De Jesus, Romel M. Durante, Engr. James Francis B. Aguilar, Marianne Consuelo O. De Villa, Ma. Junalyn Grace E. Pupa, Joan V. De La Trinidad, Ruby L. Bandola, Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz, Ime Amor A. Mortel, Engr. Leon B. Palmiano IV.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Joanna Azaisa F. Bolvar, Eufemia A. Bonafe, Kenjie E. Jimenea, Nelia E. San Jose , Cerila C. Sanchez, Gerry R. An, Patrick James B. Salamat, Isagani F. Ruadil, Herbert M. Odiamar, Donato M. Yanga, Leo P. Martinez, Ernesto V. Balang Jr. ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT AWARD, Gloria O. Labuanan. INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD Engr. Edgardo N. Martinez Jr. INSTITUTIONAL SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD, Dex I. Nobleza.

CORE VALUES EXEMPLAR: Maria Luisa B. Archivido, Sheryl M. Bascuña, Dinna E. Capin, Remedios Josephine A. Cuyo, Myra S. de los Reyes, Dr. Vivian B. Fortuno, Juancho Martiniano V. Romero, Dr. Felisa L. Sabaupan, Arvin L. Sibulo, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. MERITORIOUS SERVICE: Rev. Fr. Danilo T. Imperial and Dr. Lourdes S. Anonas.

Shaped for Service, Groomed for Greatness

The Tanglaw Awards 2023 seemed like the candescent constellation where the winningest workers and shiniest stars illuminate UNC’s great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee. But the heart of it all is a message and call to action. As Tanglaw Awardees, we should never rest on our laurels and bask in our glory. I learned from my finest friends and best of buddies that there is never such a thing as solitary success.

As Tanglaw Awardees, we know full well that the main and mighty source of our light is God Almighty. Like the shining stars burning bright in the skies at night, we need to reflect the life-giving Light of the Lord to glorify Him and illuminate others: Edify others by steering and spurring them to sterling service and stellar performance; Extol others by standing for them, lifting their burdens and being their voice; Empower others by taking them to broader horizons and greater heights; Equip others by bringing out the best in them so we don’t leave anyone behind. Like the torchbearers, fierce is the flame of our torches to lead the way and carry the light to pass on to others. Like the lighthouse, we guide and guard others to find their way, their voice, and their place in the world. Congratulations to the 2023 Grand Diamond Jubilee Tanglaw Awardees! Keep shining!


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