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UNC embeds Coursera in the curriculum

Under the iPeople, Inc., the University of Nueva Caceres, led by the University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, and its sister schools including Mapua University are among the first academic institutions to embrace Coursera in 2018. In Bicol, UNC has been a first mover with Coursera in terms of innovative learning and upskilling for students and employees. UNC continues to leverage Coursera to positively influence the employability outcomes of our graduates. We are thrilled to maximize and take our partnership with Coursera to the next level in the days to come.

One of the world’s best online learning platforms, Coursera offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), specializations, professional certificates, MasterTrack Certificates and degrees. Thousands of courses from hundreds of multi-disciplinary specializations are available and delivered online. Because of Coursera, the world gets smaller, while the campus gets so much bigger. Through Coursera, we can access courses from the world’s top universities and leading companies. If we can’t go to these international schools, they will go to us through Coursera, offered by the University of Nueva Caceres.

Together with his competent academic team, UNC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. is the man on a mission to strategically embed Coursera in the core curriculum - from senior high school up to graduate studies. A major imperative of UNC Multi-qualification Program (MQUAP) is to reengineer the core academic programs and integrate certifications of skills needed by the industries and employers.

Today’s labor market presents the pressing and perpetuating problems of unemployment, underemployment, skills mismatch, and deficiency across industries - against the backdrop of poverty. Studies show that in the Philippines, graduates do not easily qualify to fill the available jobs in the labor market. In part, this stems from the outdated higher education curriculum where sadly, the skills required by the employers are not developed and polished.

UNC responds by enhancing our core curriculum to develop highly capable workforce and address the changing demands of the industries. The outcomes are contextualized and relevant academic programs that provide UNC students and graduates with theoretical knowledge, and more importantly practical skills and experience which are certified and recognized by industries. These certifications further cultivate UNCeans’ competitive advantage and edge to get ahead toward being employers’ top choice.

Among the strongest aspirations of the University of Nueva Caceres is to produce graduates who are future-ready. Today, building professional portfolio and showcasing multi-qualification career credentials have been supremely relevant. Completing Coursera courses provides proof of competency from highly credible and internationally recognized institutions. Coursera also caters to the characteristics and contexts of our 21st Century learners. Apart from immense learning and acquiring new skills in Coursera, students are pleased with this innovative educational experience that offers flexibility of studying at their own pace, own place, and own space.


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