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UNC is Bicol’s Best Bet

The University of Nueva Caceres is Bicolano learners’ Best Bet to set up success and achieve their goals: Makakatapos, Magkakatrabaho, at Magtatagumpay. At UNC, we offer the Best Student Life, Excellent Student Outcomes, and Top School Reputation or BET.

Best Student Life

At UNC, students will experience Alagang UNC from enrollment to employment. This is powered by curriculum and success coaching until graduation, flexible learning modalities, delightful student programs and activities, and top-of-the-line facilities and resources.

Last year, UNC piloted the Technology-Driven Hybrid Classes, a trailblazer in the regional educational landscape. Hybrid Learning Modality is a combination of on-campus or face-to-face attendance and off-campus or virtual attendance simultaneously - in a single interactive class at the same time, made possible by state-of-the-art facilities and technological capabilities.

Excellent Student Outcomes

The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol, is primed to be a leading Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Provider in Bicol, an epicenter of institutional research in the Region, a trailblazer in national and global linkages, and home of programs recognized locally and internationally, guaranteeing to make students future-ready.

UNC is committed to providing the best student life experience and employability. UNCeans leverage our strengthened industry collaboration and employer partnership, ensuring that our students and graduates have job opportunities in our big employer partners like Ayala and Yuchengco Group of Companies, Accenture, IBM, Globe, and many more.

UNC enhances student research capability, along with the powerfully re-engineered multiple qualification program, micro-credentialing, and skills certifications for high employment rate and national board examination performance. Our UNCean board top notchers and outstanding alumni are the proof.

Students’ technical skills and values, competencies and character are nurtured from Elementary to Graduate School, empowering them to become future-ready. Our faculty members are industry practitioners and certified to deliver world-class instruction: Game-based for Elementary, Industry-based for Senior High School, and Research-based for College.

Top School Reputation

Being the first University in Southern Luzon, we hold the Top School Reputation proven by our accreditation status. In fact, in time for UNC’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration this 2023, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), one of the most credible accreditation associations in the country, has catapulted UNC as the institution with the highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region.

UNC is poised to be ASEAN and World Ranked University. Recently, UNC rose to be a proud Associate Member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), a highly respected Asian university association. UNC is one of the only two Philippine Universities newly welcomed as AUN Associate Members.

We are also breaking boundaries and creating opportunities as our sister school, Mapua University, the country’s leading engineering and technological educational institution and a certified top University in the world, once again took the global stage by being one of the only four higher education institutions in the country that were included on the list of Times Higher Education World University Rankings. UNC and Mapua University both belong to iPeople Inc. which embraces the vision of worldwide excellence in education. Best practices, international benchmarks, and top-of-the-line resources are shared by iPeople Inc. member schools.

NOW is the High Time for HYFLEX!

UNC is expanding opportunities for all - because at UNC, Everybody Makes It. This school year, UNC is pioneering HYFLEX LEARNING MODALITY. Hyflex Learning Modality combines onsite face-to-face classes, online synchronous, and asynchronous learning. Students can experience learning with greater flexibility and freedom, more openness and opportunities, better possibilities and prospects; and more choices and chances. Parents will have more quality time with children and family and have the assurance of their children’s well-being. Students can learn at their own place, own space, and own pace - only at UNC.


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