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UNC Launches ACT Powered by PEP and Accenture

Time to Take Off

The University of Nueva Caceres, under the stewardship of the President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, is on a roll and riding high with a string of wins. The latest is launching its newly designed premium program from the College of Computer Studies led by Dean Agnes T. Reyes, the Associate in Computer Technology (ACT), powered and co-designed by the Professional Employment Program (PEP) and Accenture Philippines.

At UNC, everybody makes it. UNC is a coaching community, from enrollment to employment and from campus to communities and careers. The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol, is a leading Future-Ready and Outcome-Based Education institution in the Region. Accenture is a technology industry leader and a dominant force in the market in the Philippines and beyond. Both have the passion, power, and precision to take up and tackle the task of nurturing future-ready students. Together, they embrace the vision, shape the curriculum, enhance UNCean talents, scale-up relevant skills, map out career paths, and define the future.

Powerful Premium Program

In the University of Nueva Caceres, employability is a priority - and a reality. To be future-ready, work-ready, and life-ready, UNC is setting-up students for employability by bridging employers and UNCean graduates. The Associate in Computer Technology or ACT is a pioneering project of the University of Nueva Caceres and Accenture. The first of its kind in the Philippines. ACT is a highly differentiated 2-year degree program and work-based learning experience solution powered by UNC Professional Employment Program (PEP) and Accenture that opens a direct pathway to employment - technology and software engineering jobs with Accenture. With a synchronized curriculum, this ladderized program leads to completing 4-year Information Technology or Computer Studies degree in UNC. ACT students’ actual work is credited to the course through UNC’s equivalency and multiple qualification programs. ACT students get full advantage of employment and professional training and enjoy opportunities outside Bicol while pursuing a 4-year college course. Because this is industry-relevant and aligned with market trends, UNC’s ACT is “earning while learning” at its best.

Bigwigs in the Big League

Academic champions, expert innovators, industry collaborators, and nation-builders from UNC, iPeople, and Accenture Philippines have come together for a noble cause – to bridge the gap between academe and industries. The people who are the pillars of this promising partnership build the bridge, lay the foundation, and cast the cornerstones of this carefully crafted and curated ACT program. With brilliant minds and big hearts are the visionaries Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya - President of the University of Nueva Caceres; Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo - Vice President for Academic Affairs of UNC; Ms. Agnes T. Reyes – Dean, College of Computer Studies of UNC; Mr. Fred Ayala - Chief Operations Officer of iPeople and the third President of UNC; Ms. Klems Ramos - Workforce Development Champion of iPeople; Ms. Ambe Tierro - Accenture Technology Centers Lead for Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East; Mr. JP Palpallatoc - Managing Director and ATA Sponsor of Accenture Technology in the Philippines; Mr. Bogs Paguigan - Associate Director and ATA Lead of Accenture Technology in the Philippines. They have the hallmarks of modern-day heroes who revolutionize this moment in history through education, technology, and innovation. They are a most worthy gift to this generation.

Heralding High Hopes

The University of Nueva Caceres and Accenture shall witness many prayers answered, dreams realized, and potentials achieved. This partnership will see the rise of promising professionals from driven dreamers, rejoicing parents from sacrificing providers, and celebrating homes from struggling households. This sets forth the beginning of a blooming career and the start of sweet success stories that so soon will be told to spark ambition and share inspiration. Future-ready, UNCeans are up-and-coming professionals who are raring and ready to fight for their family’s rightful destiny, fulfill their rightful role in history, and claim their rightful place in this world.


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