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UNC’s OVPAAS holds a kick-starter

With great excitement and anticipation, the University President – Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya and Vice President for Administration and Auxiliary Services (VPAAS), Engr. Leon “Chito” Palmiano IV welcomed the students, parents, faculty and UNC teams as they come together virtually - physically distant, yet united to start things right and stay right on track through the Virtual Orientation of our IT Facilities last month.

The Virtual Orientation of our IT Facilities kickstarted the semester through a comprehensive discussion of the many innovative, responsive and relevant facilities that enable students to successfully navigate their academic journey. UNC’s Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Team – under the supervision of the VPAAS, equipped and empowered UNCeans with a better understanding of our IT facilities, helping them have a delightful experience throughout this school year while receiving the best education and nurturing environment here in UNC.

Topics and resource speakers in the whole day Virtual Orientation of our IT Facilities were as follows: Overview of the Application Development Programs, Mr. Dex Nobleza, Head of Applications Development; OES (Online Enrollment System), Mr. Patrick Salamat, Applications Development Programmer; UNC Web Portal and Student Inventory, Mr. Ivan James Seña, Applications Development Junior Programmer; Automated Resource Center, Ordering Machine and the U-SHOP, Mr. Gerry An, Applications Development Programmer; RF-ID security features, Online Verification Machine and online payment services, Mr. Irvin Villanueva, ICT Director; Library Management Systems and services and online resources, Ms. Ime Amor Mortel, Director of Libraries; Website Content & Navigation, Mr. Robin Carlos Bernal, Digital Marketing & Media Specialist; BLACKBOARD - online learning management system, Mr. Ivan Percival Bobier, Data Management Officer - ICT; Google Accounts & Security, Mr. Sandee Flores, Head Network & Laboratory Services – ICT.

The Open Forum at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions paved way for a very fruitful interaction between students, parents, faculty and speakers. The activity was run by Mr. Brian Nacianceno of the OVPAAS and hosted by yours truly.

Now that the face-to-face education is placed in extreme limits, online is alright and virtual is the new normal. For the students - even for non-freshmen, a good understanding of our IT facilities will set the tone for a good start. Learning in the context of the pandemic requires commitment and engagement. In the same way, UNC as their home of learning will support them every step of the way – from start to finish, ensuring that In UNC, Everybody Makes It. Hats off to Engr. Leon “Chito” Palmiano IV, our Vice President for Administration and Auxiliary Services (VPAAS), for his significant contribution in shaping UNCeans to be future-ready and work-ready, today.


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