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Winning for the environment: MNWD bagits 3rd Huwarang Lingkod-Tubig Award

As a result of joint efforts and resourcefulness for the protection of our watersheds within the Mount Isarog Natural Park (MINP) including the Naga River, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) was again honored as the Huwarang Lingkod-Tubig Awardee for Best Implemented Water Conservation Program in Luzon, in line with last year’s World Water Day event with the theme: “Water and Climate Change”. The award was given by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) during the celebration of World Water Day on March 22, 2021.

Huwarang Lingkod-Tubig Award – Luzon, was presented to MNWD during the World Water Day Awards 2021 on March 22. (Photo credits: World Water Day Philippines Environmental Conservation Organization)

Due to the onslaught of Covid-19, the awarding was moved this year and held in a virtual ceremony. Recognized as Huwarang Lingkod-Tubig awardee for 3 consecutive years now, MNWD General Manager, Engr. Virgilio B. Luansing I gave the acceptance speech acknowledging the efforts made by the MNWD employees. Other awardees were Silay City Water District in Visayas and Davao City Water District in Mindanao. The purpose of this award is to hail champions for water and the environment - those who made strides in achieving water and environmental sustainability in the Philippines.

The winning entry included not only the preservation of watersheds and the Naga River, but also several other projects concerning water conservation and environmental protection, such as: the MNWD’s partnership with the Local Government of Naga for the Forest-in-our-Midst Program aimed at creating mini urban forests; the MWND’s Greening Program, which is being implemented within the MNWD office grounds; and the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Caravan, that has the purpose of promoting the intelligent use of water and igniting environmental consciousness among students.

In addition to this award, MNWD also took part in the World Water Day 2021 Photo Contest for water districts. The entries were judged based on creativity, visual impact, and adherence to this year’s theme, which is “Valuing Water”.

MNWD’s winning entry for the World Water Day 2021 Photo Contest, shows people in line to get their ration of water. It aims to express how inherent in people the need for water is.

The District’s entry aims to show how inherent in people the need for water is. Winning 3rd place, the photo was captioned with: “We need not overemphasize the importance of water in our lives. And people will spend time to get this essential resource no matter how difficult and heavy the toil is.”

The challenges faced in the past year were nothing compared to the determination and commitment to service of the MNWD community. We will continue to work on formulating solutions and improving our services. As a catalyst for growth and positive change, MNWD’s true victories are all found in the betterment of the community’s living standards and the protection of our environmental resources. (YMMSavilla)


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