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Writing the UNCean Journey – Our Winning Story

As the Head of the Strategic Communications Office of the University of Nueva Caceres, it is my pride, privilege, and pleasure to chronicle and narrate our stories as an institution and community. Right from the best sources, authors and authorities in their territories, and supreme storytellers, oh how I love to share the fruition of visions founded on UNC’s Premises, and success stories built upon UNC’s Promises.

As the first University in Bicol and a premier academic institution, UNC’s Premises include the strong, solid credentials and strengths that we own and offer: Expertise – impressive faculty qualification, modern facilities, accreditation status, recognitions, unique value-added programs, significant differentiators, and outcome-based education, among others; Experience and Exposure - the delightful student life, a nurturing and coaching environment, student-centered activities and support services, opportunities for development, and the linkages and partnerships being leveraged to enhance our students’ employment outcomes, just to name a few; Exemplars – our exceptional institutional leaders, faculty, employees, students, families, and alumni who model excellent character and competence, worthy of admiration and emulation.

Given the Expertise we possess, the delightful student Experience and Exposure we provide, and the Exemplars we produce, the University of Nueva Caceres is capable to fulfill and deliver these Promises to our stakeholders: students will learn the most relevant skills, live a happy university life, land their dream job, lead with excellence in their industries, and leave a legacy in the communities. We are nurturing UNCeans to be future-ready (makatapos) and work-ready (magkatrabaho).

This 2022, once again, we are even more raring and ready to demonstrate our Core Values: champion excellence, nurture dreams, do the right things right, be dynamic and creative, respect each other and work as a team. This 2022, once again, we are earnest and eager to reflect our Motto – Not of School, But of Life. This 2022, once again, we are excited and enthusiastic to deliver our brand promise - Everybody Makes It. This 2022, once again, we are persistent and precise to prove that – In UNC, We Are Future-Ready. This 2022, once again, we are poised and primed to be the top university of choice for Bicolanos everywhere.

Embracing 2022, our past is not only a memory, but part of our history. This day is history in the making, testimony in the works, and success story in progress - one page at a time. We are all part of this story, that is UNC. Together, we are writing today the UNCean Journey – our winning story, for God’s greater glory.


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