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The Bicol Mail, a pioneering and crusading 60-year old weekly that eventually became a regional publication, is a must read newspaper then as now because of its readability, credibility and responsibility.

Founded in 1953 by a journalist – guerilla leader – public servant in the person of Leon Sa. Aureus (the first mayor of Naga City), the Bicol Mail earned nationwide respect for outstanding journalistic craftmanship. And in recognition of its achievement it was awarded in 1960 as “the best edited provincial newspaper of the Philippines”. It flourished in influence until abruptly cut by martial law in 1972.

This year, as it celebrates its golden anniversary, nephews and other close relatives of the founding publisher led by civic-business leader Nilo P. Aureus, owner and general manager of the GoldPrint Publishing House, decided to rise and face a historic challenge by reviving, without fear or favor, the venerable Bicol Mail, on the very occasion of the 55th charter anniversary of Naga City last June 18, 2003.

It is expected not just to stand out as a new model in the field of newspapering but as a well-managed business enterprise.


Coming off the press every Friday morning, it has now a regular circulation of 2,500 copies per issue (week) in four provinces and six cities in the Bicol region, reaching by mail or pouch other parts of the country and some places in the U.S.

In Naga City alone, we have six newstands strategically located at the city proper that sell it to readers from all walks of life.

Readership and sales are expected to improve tremendously when the Bicol Mail posts is now on the internet with its own website:

It maintains close links with the provincial Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and the Community Advisory Board Members (CAB) so that its headlines and column items and human interest stories are aired, discussed and debated on radio and on TV.


As decreed by the publisher, its philosophy as a newspaper and as a news organization remains steadfast as ever: to always uphold strongly the tenets of press freedom.

Policy Statement

1. Public interest is to be upheld at all times;

2. Impartiality shall be required of all articles and materials for publication;

3. No personal or business favor shall be bestowed on or requested from any political or religious camp;

4. Confidentiality of sources shall always be protected;

5. Legal and actual documents are bases of information;

6. Government, non-government agencies and private persons are sectors of constant coordination; and,

7. Materials for publication that are contrary to law, morality and public order shall be prohibited.


The Bicol Mail staff is peopled by pros in the field of journalism – - – print, broadcast & TV. They are also experienced in politics, business and civic work. Levy S. Aureus, the Editorial Consultant, is an old Bicol Mail hand, government bureaucrat, 10-year electric coop director and one-time president, humorist and expert in both English and Bicol languages. Jose B. Perez, Editor-in-Chief, a veteran journalist, editorial and columnist writer, and layout expert.

Danny P. Aureus, the Bicol editor, Catholic Mass Media Awardee as Outstanding Reporter, former president of the influential Association of TV and Radio Announcers of Cam. Sur, (ATRACS), himself a Bicolista and an admired lay-out artist.

Regular contributors are: multi-awardees Juan Escandor, Jr. a correspondent of the Phil. Daily Inquirer, Danny Aureus, Mar Arguelles, Rhaydz Barcia, Bobby Labalan and Ric Perez.

Columnists include: Prof. Greg S. Castilla of the University of Washington Seattle, USA, USN Commander Al Villamora (ret). Jose B. Perez of the Naga City Visitors’ Center,  Atty. Henry Briguera, veteran journalist, Mr. Joey Co, civic leader/activist, Ret. Judge Fronying Maristela, Kristian Cordero, Melvin S. del Puerto.

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