September 25, 2020

The 48th anniversary of the infamous Proclamation No. 1081 dated September 21,1972, which gave way to the conjugal dictatorship passed almost not noticed, except for some protests basically warning on the lessons versus tyranny.

But other than voicing out condemnation of authoritarianism more serious discussions have never been conducted in order to systematically analyze the cause or causes leading to such a sorry situation. Truth to tell this tendency to commit abuses by government leaders can be primarily traced to our practice as a people. A part of culture perhaps.

History shows that most of our leaders have been opportunists who tend to ingratiate themselves to whoever is in power. This must be the reason why Filipino compatriots have committed treachery against each other. This is true during the Spanish and American regimes. 

That will take volumes however to write about. To make it easier for recollection purposes, let us take the Japanese occupation as reckoning point, during...

September 25, 2020

I may have escaped Covid-19 infection; but it seems we couldn’t escape the whole day brownout.  It has been semi-regular that whole day weekend brownouts revolve around  the CASURECO districts.  For a scheduled Saturday, homebodies endure the baking heat and hiatus from electricity for a whole dragging twelve hours.  I’m sure the powers that plug the powers have a rational justifiable explanation/excuse for maintenance of the lines which would benefit the entire cooperative in the long run. Interestingly, these supposedly necessary suspensions of power supply can be suspended as per request of government officials by virtue of the fiesta celebrations. So, no brownout for the blowout.  I suppose, so people could enjoy the festivities.  But then, they had to push it through on a Monday when students go on online classes and employees have to work online.  What’s a google geek to do?  Get a table in Starbucks?  It seems we have accepted it as a norm, that generator sets have become ubiqui...

September 25, 2020

When people posted online placards bearing the words, “Never Again,” on the 21st of September, others issued this correction: Martial Law was not declared on September, 21, 1972.

Strange for a date that initiated an age, which robbed people their freedom to be easily forgotten. The documentations and the media of that period would not serve as guide for remembering. Accounts of those years were tampered. The result was each individual would have his or her own signposts to the memories of the dictatorship. 

The dictator was known – his critics conceding – for his intelligence as he was noted and tested for his wiles and cunning. When a researcher or documentarian consults the archives, that person will be mesmerized by the trickery and treachery of data. 

Here is one side of the remembrance: the document declaring Martial Law all over the country was signed on September 21, 1972. But this fact would not be revealed to the public until 2 days later. The opposition was still active in th...

September 25, 2020

An politika parte na kan buhay kan ordinaryong Pilipino, may politika haros aro-aldaw, sa laog kan pamilya, sa barangay, sa banwaan, sa ciudad, sa provincia asin sa enterong nasyon.

Kaya para sa iba dawa bagohon an Constitucion pero dapat nakapalaman sa ley fundamental na igwa nin pirilian sa kada tolo o apat o anom na taon nganing masaya.

Aktwalmente, pagnagdadangadang na an eleksyon sabi kan mga taga-media, mga aspirantes orog na an mga propesyonal na politiko: “Happy days are here again!”

Sa Pilipinas kun oogkuron 365 days per year an politika o aro-aldaw mala ta pakatapos tolos kan eleksyon, pakasurumpa kan mga nanggarana poon tolos an rilibot kan mga nanunungdan sa rason na ma-consulta sa mga  constituentes, matao nin kaogmahan bilang pasasalamat pero may mga dara nang relief goods (bagas, pansit, de lata etc.) nganing soboot iayuda sa mga nangangaipo.

May relief goods o ayuda maski mayo man nin bagyo o anuman na kalamidad.

Amay pa may dara nang mga parakanta asin parabayle na pig...

September 25, 2020

The disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea has become a flashpoint particularly in this election year in the United States given President Donald Trump’s campaign strategy to escalate confrontation with China. He believes that such escalation is a winning strategy even if it destabilizes the region in the process. China is fighting back following a game plan they learned from the masters: United States and Russia.

Even with the 2016 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) ruling invalidating China’s 9-dash line while recognizing the Philippines right to its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), China continues to fortify these islands to strengthen its maritime claims.  The United States decision to insert itself into the fray, however, will not guarantee resolution of the disputes any sooner. It’s a fair question then to ask, if we will ever see these conflicts resolved in our lifetimes.

Even if claimant parties agree to a “Sea Code of Conduct” as being worked out i...

September 25, 2020

Did it ever occur to us that the worldwide pandemic which we are experiencing may be one of God’s means of reducing the ever increasing worldwide population? From China which is refuted to be the most populated country in the world to India which follows China in terms of population the pandemia is reported to be on the rise. Both print and broadcast media reports also show that the same phenomenon is true in New York and other parts of the USA like Los Angeles, San Francisco and in the east coast. The Asia Pacific regions including the Philippines are among those in the list. Be that as it may, only God knows what is best for mankind and our faith in Him keeps us assured that we will always be in His warm embrace.

Reportedly, President Rodrigo R. Duterte delivered his address at the United Nations General Assembly sometime ago. It is unfortunate that no video coverage was shown for us to see how he fared in his address. We recall that years back then President Ferdinand E. Marcos also...

September 25, 2020

Tigsik ko ining mga tawo na nakakapungot
Na oras nin sesyon nagtutungka o tururog
Nasa senado, kongreso pirming cp an kapot
Sa mga sanggunian na inaabot na nin barod

Tigsik ko man an kadaklan sa mga pulitiko
Sa panahon nin pandemya ano an naginibo?
Nakatao lamang nin bagas dawa pirang kilo?
Haen si mga kwarta na isinubi, ibinulsa nindo?

Tigsik ko an mga paradakop asin parasiud
Nin mga ido na dai nalalangub, nakagakod
May sadiri an langubon kun dai madakop
An mga ido na paraudo na nakakapungot

Tigsik ko an mga nasa sangguniang bayan
Na an plano kan alkalde para sa karahayan
Kan mga tawo pirmi na sanang pig-uulang
An mga tawo iyo an saindang pig-uurihan

Tigsik ko man an kadaklan sa mga pulitiko
Dawa anong palakbang kan papel ay zero
Risa man na marhay, habo sinda kan tawo
An marhay magpurupangos na sanang tubo  

September 18, 2020

Posted on several social media accounts are nostalgic pictures depicting previous Traslacion and Fluvial processions honoring ‘INA’, Our Lady of Peñafrancia; and El Divino Rostro (Divine Face of the Lord Jesus Christ), showing some  who took part in the religious rites.

Also personally noticed are devotees walking along the streets of Naga City donning yellow colored headbands bearing the words “Viva La Virgen”. Heard over the air lanes too are fiesta greetings from prominent or wanting to be prominent personalities and establishments.

This, nothwithstanding the suspension of the major activities traditionally marking the annual regional fiesta in honor of Bicol’s Regional Patroness, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The situation strongly indicates that a mere suspension of the major rites does not automatically lead to weakening the people’s faith, nor does it mean lessening the devotees’ fervor. On the contrary it could even nurture a much purer devotion.

Absence makes the heart go furt...

September 18, 2020

There won’t be parades  around downtown Naga this September.  That is clear.  That is certain.  Definitely, we won’t be expecting any sudden announcement that abruptly, policies would change and drum and lyre corps and students clad in military gala would be marching down Panganiban.  No, in all cast-iron certainty, that won’t happen.  We’re all on the same page on that.  

Along with that certainty comes some implications with the same level of certainty.  Since there definitely won’t be any processions, traffic doesn’t need to be rerouted; roads need not be blocked.  Spectators do not have to wait on the sidewalks for bands and companies which would not pass anyway.  Vendors don’t need to set up makeshift stores along the road to sell foodstuffs or whatever; because the usual clientele would not be present.  There would be no need for these because it would be simply ridiculous to do any of these.  Logic…. Common sense demands it....

September 18, 2020

This is already Tuesday, the week of the fiesta. I continue with my journal lest we forget what happened this month, this year of 2020. The Year of the Covid-19.

This is the Tuesday of the novena. Memories tell me we always called the days after the Traslacion as the week of the feasting, not the days for praying.

The fear of everyone came true: there was no Traslacion. This means that the “Virgin” or the “Ina” did not make the journey. She was not “moved” from her Home by the river to the Cathedral. 

Lest I touch on a subject matter people, especially the high priests in church-palaces and parishes, will say is not my expertise, let me speak as an anthropologist. But allow me to speak also as a Bikolano who receives and listens to ideas from other people – pilgrims and believers, I believe – who strongly ask why the Traslacion was scrapped, and why there was no attempt to conduct a similar action or enact a simulacra of the process. 

Forget or think about the pandemic, there could be...

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