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10,000 Bangus fingerlings released in Barangay Homapon in Albay gulf

By Cet Dematera

Some 10,000 fingerlings of milkfish (Chano-chano), locally known as Bangus, were released on Sept. 17 in a fish cage operated by the Legazpi City Agriculture Office (CAO) at a cove in Sitio Anonang of Barangay Homapon in Albay Gulf.

CAO chief Sheila Nas said the fingerings were acquired through the P1.2-million grant released by the Bureau Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to the city government.

She said that the cage will be managed by the Homapon Fisher Folks Association (HFFA) as part of its livelihood program.

“The 16x16-meter cage is fenced with net, water drums and GI pipes that would protect the fingerlings from existing predators at the cove,” Nas explained.

She said that her office had conducted seminars to the HFFA members that provided them additional knowledge in feeding the brackish-born fish for them to grow faster.

BANGUS. Some 10,000 fingerlings of bangus are released inside a fish cage located at the Homapon Cove in the Albay Gulf. The cage is run by the Legazpi City Agriculture Office.

Nas said the cage would be guarded and the HFFA caretakers would closely monitor the condition of the milkfish to minimize their mortality until harvest after three months.

“The project is part of the Aqua-Culture Development Program (ACDP) of the CAO to promote cultured fish care in order to augment the supply for fish consumption and give additional income to fisher folk in these communities”, Nas pointed out.

She said the Homapon cove is also ideal for culturing oyster, mussle (Tahong) fish, sea weeds, lapu-lapu, and moblad.

Edna Adille, HFFA president, said that she is very grateful to CAO and BFAR for giving them an opportunity to grow milkfish, adding that the project is very beneficial as it could improve the livelihood condition of association members.

She explained that the 32 HFFA members would come up with routine schedule in monitoring and feeding the fish 24 hours a day.

Adille said that the proceeds out of the harvest after three months would again be used to buy bangus fingerlings to keep the project rolling.

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