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18K senior citizens in Naga to received flu vax

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE Department of Health in the Bicol Region is gearing up to provide essential healthcare services to the elderly population of Naga City. As part of the national senior citizen’s month celebration, they have set their sights on vaccinating approximately 18,000 senior citizens in Naga City against the flu this month.

This initiative is part of a larger effort aimed at safeguarding the health of the region’s senior citizens, totaling around 555,000 individuals. Maria Nelia Benito, Nurse III and a key member of the city health office, announced this exciting development during a press briefing.

Benito shared that the vaccines are readily available at various locations across the city. Specifically, senior citizens can access flu shots at their local barangay health stations and at the SM Mall Naga, situated in Barangay Triangulo. This accessibility ensures that the elderly population can easily access the vaccination service.

However, Benito also provided important health-related information regarding who should and shouldn’t get the flu vaccine. She emphasized that senior citizens with allergies, colds, coughs, or other respiratory diseases should refrain from taking the vaccine. In such cases, the underlying conditions could potentially worsen following inoculation.

While cautioning about the potential risks, Benito also reassured the public that comprehensive medical consultations will be conducted for each beneficiary before vaccination. This precautionary step will help determine if a flu shot is safe and advisable for each individual.

To further enhance access to this vital healthcare service, Benito also revealed that the city’s medical workers are prepared to go the extra mile. House-to-house vaccination services will be provided for bedridden senior citizens, eliminating any barriers to vaccination. Caregivers are encouraged to coordinate with the vaccination teams to facilitate this in-home healthcare service, ensuring that even the most vulnerable members of the elderly population receive the protection they need.

As the Department of Health in the Bicol region rallies to immunize thousands of senior citizens in Naga City, their efforts exemplify a commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of older adults during this Senior Citizen’s Month celebration. This proactive approach not only protects individuals but also contributes to the overall health of the community.


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