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1st Outcome-Based Education Summit

Keeping Our Tradition of Excellence

The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Bicol, is primed to be a leading Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Provider in Bicol, an epicenter of institutional research in the Region, a trailblazer in local and international linkages, and nationally and internationally future-ready. In time for UNC’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration this 2023, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), one of the most credible accreditation associations in the country, has catapulted UNC as the institution with the highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region.

Recently, UNC rose to be a proud Associate Member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), a highly respected Asian university association. UNC is one of the only two Philippine Universities newly welcomed as AUN Associate Members. Last year, UNC piloted the Technology-Driven Hybrid Classes, a trailblazer in the regional educational landscape. Hybrid Learning Modality is a combination of on-campus or face-to-face attendance and off-campus or virtual attendance simultaneously - in a single interactive class at the same time, made possible by state-of-the-art facilities and technological capabilities.

We are also breaking boundaries and creating opportunities as our sister school, Mapua University, the country’s leading engineering and technological educational institution and a certified top University in the world, once again took the global stage by being one of the only four higher education institutions in the country that were included on the list of Times Higher Education World University Rankings. UNC and Mapua University both belong to iPeople Inc. which embraces the vision of worldwide excellence in education. Best practices, international benchmarks, and top-of-the-line resources are shared by iPeople Inc. member schools.

Expanding Opportunities with OBE

As UNC celebrates its 75th Foundation Week, the Academic affairs of the University of Nueva Caceres, headed by our Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and College of Teacher Education, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., organized UNC’s 1st Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Summit on Feb 15, 2023, participated by school administrators, educators, researchers, and lifelong learners in Bicol. This event was part of the ensemble of activities lined up in the weeklong celebration of UNC’s great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee. The 1st OBE Summit aimed to: Iterate the significance and relevance of OBE today; Ignite innovation and creativity in OBE implementation; Inspire OBE best practices among higher education institutions or HEIs; Intensify the credible conduct, validation, and assessment of OBE outputs. UNC School of Graduate Studies Assistant Dean, Prof. Michel P. Basister, former UNC Innovation Officer and now the Lead for Instructional Delivery, spearheaded the 1st OBE Summit 2023.

The event’s keynote speaker, iPeople Inc. Group Champion on Outcome-Based Education and authority in the field, Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma, jumpstarted the quest for better understanding and better optimizing outcome-based education to improve the quality of teaching and learning and ensure that our students acquire the necessary skills, competencies, and attitudes. The participants watched a presentation by Prof. John Christopher D. Castillo of our sister school, Mapua University, entitled Outcome-Based Teaching and Learning of a Freshman Psychological Statistics Course: Embedding the Four Operating Principles of OBE in Design and Practice. This winning entry in the recent iPeople Outcome-Based Education Competition brought us a better appreciation of outcome-based education in today’s learning context. This also served as a springboard for the OBE Plenary Discussion moderated by yours truly, with UNC’s OBE Champions, our VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo, Jr., and College of Computer Studies Dean, Prof. Agnes T. Reyes.

Best Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Practices

The OBE Summit featured Problem, Research, Outcome-Based Education (PROBE) research, and OBE best practices from the University of Nueva Caceres. The participants gained fresh perspectives with numerous examples and tips to enhance the delivery of outcome-based education and great inspiration on the OBE impact. Presenters were: Dr. Nora Elizabeth F. Maniquiz, VP for Research Extension and Linkages; Prof. Romeo A. Layones, Assistant Dean, College of Teacher Education; and Prof. Michel P. Basister, Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies.

The 1st OBE Summit was a venue to exchange ideas and best practices, ignite inspiration, and spark creativity in the implementation and innovation of OBE among HEIs. Esteemed guest presenters shared their research and their institution’s best practices revolving around OBE: Mr. Rafael Oñate, University of Saint Anthony; Ms. Diane M. Perez, Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation; and Mr. Elmer Delos Angeles, Mabini Colleges.

The Nueva Caceres Review, Special Edition Journal

UNC President and a staunch advocate of OBE, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, and VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr. led and facilitated the launching of the Nueva Caceres Review, Special Edition Journal, followed by the ceremonial distribution of copies to guests. Special gratitude to the higher education institution leaders in attendance: Dr. Jose Ballesteros, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Saint Anthony; Dr. Edgar Despi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation; and Dr. Sylvia Salvan, Research Director, Mabini Colleges.


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