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Palma is new MNWD chairman of the Board

NAGA CITY --- The Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) has seen some changes over the coming of a new year. One of these changes is the installation of officers among the Board of Directors. Director Jorge T. Palma, representing the Professional Sector, is now the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Director Palma became a member of the MNWD Board of Directors last January 2015 and has been actively representing the Water District in different functions from the time of his appointment.

Chairman Palma graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension degree and he took his post graduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Nueva Caceres.

He was a Researcher for the Agricultural Credit and Coop Institute. His 23-year career with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) were spent as a Livestock Appraiser, Supervising Appraiser, Chief of Appraisal and Credit Investigation, and Chief of Marketing Division, and eventually became Bank Manager and Marketing Head. During his stint with the DBP, he won various awards for his branch including: Most Outstanding DBP Branch in the Entire DBP Network; and Most Outstanding DBP Branch in Southern Luzon. He also won as Most Outstanding Manager in the Entire DBP Network.

Aside from being renowned as the owner of the famous Bicolano restaurant, Bob Marlin, Chairman Palma has joint ventures and projects such as a ramen restaurant, a Hotel & Restaurant in Camarines Norte, and a Resort Project in Pasacao, Camarines Sur.

Chairman Palma’s expertise and capabilities have landed him as consultant for a multitude of businesses and projects for Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation and Maryville Realty and Development Corporation, to name a few. He had various affiliations where his leadership skills were recognized. He was president of the Camarines Sur Bankers Association, the Camarines Norte Bankers Association, and the Real Estate Brokers Association.

Among the many affiliations of Chairman Palma and his positions are: Past National Director of the Real Estate Brokers of the Philippines, member of the Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of the PNP Advisory Council in Naga City. He once chaired a project with Trias Southeast Asia and MNCCI.

Chairman Palma is a truly great person for the job. Everyone is looking forward to the developments that his new leadership will bring.

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