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Elderly lecture series, projects for seniors continue

The Our Lady of Penafrancia Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship sponsored a Search for Mrs. Valentine 2017 Senior Edition last February 19, here, to raise funds for its monthly Elderly Health Lecture Series, Summer Encounter and projects for seniors, and medical missions in cooperation with project partner Tomasinong Bikolano chaired by Dr. Marimil Bombase. Declared top winner of the Search was Francia Te of San Felipe earning the title “Mrs. Valentine 2017 Senior Edition/* Second place went to Tessie Delloro of Penafrancia,, Avelina Calma ofLiboton was Third place, Conrada Platon of Penafrancia, Fourth, Generosa Milanay of San Felipe placed Fifth and Maria Mabuhay of Liboton, 6th place. Shown in photo are the winners led by Mrs Valentine 2017 Francia Te (seated) along with the Fellowship Executive Board (standing from left) auditor Beth Ante, chairman Tony Amparado, business manager Ninfa Saballegue, Parish Pastoral Council chair Gie Alvina, Calma, board member Lilybel Larrauri, and Mabuhay. Fr. Rey Jose Rellora, spiritual director and parish priest, Delloro, Platon, Milanay, vice chair Ester Elopre, treasurer Helen Juanillo and secretary Lolit de Jesus.

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