SP Highlights: San Isidro Sanitary Landfill

Solid waste management is a crucial issue hounding the livability of our Maogmang Lugar. The City Government of Naga, thru Resolution No. 2016-430, has already green lighted the P21M Balatas Dumpsite Closure Program – a move aimed at eliminating the foul odor emanating from said facility and complying with the requirement of law. However, with the shutting down of the dumpsite, it has been imperative to provide an alternative infrastructure. As such, in the Sangguniang Panlugnsod’s February 14 session, Resolution No. 2017-099 was passed approving the construction of a P260.7M Sanitary Landfill wherein actual expenditures whereof are spread in ten (10) years. Such landfill will be established in the 4.85 hectare lot acquired by the city government in Barangay San Isidro. Per design submitted by the Technical Working Group headed by City Planning Officer Wilfredo Prilles, it can handle a maximum of 508,064 cubic meters of solid waste. The discussions concerning said plan officially began in July 2016 and thereafter when the aforesaid TWG was created. Initial reports were forwarded to the Sangguniang Panlungsod in January of this year. On January 24, plenary debates ensued, subjecting the group’s recommendations to scrutiny of our legislators. Productive discussion on any project is beneficial. Free exchange of ideas and dynamic interaction between teammates will cause the best ideas to surface. In this case, the animated deliberation that lasted three regular sessions resulted to a reduction of the facility’s total cost by about P13M, as well as to the arrangement of acquiring a right-of-way that is two kilometre (2km) shorter than the original proposal, effectively lessening travel time of garbage trucks and corresponding gasoline expenses in the long-run. Building of the San Isidro Sanitary Landfill will commence as soon as bidding procedures are completed. Initial financing of the project, amounting to P25M, will be sourced from the Economic Development Fund of the city already included in the 2017 Annual Budget. The other funding sources, including possibilities of getting a loan, will be appropriated by the Sangguniang Panlungsod once City Budget Officer Francisco Mendoza furnished us a copy of his analysis and recommendation. The foundation of a world-class, self-reliant and caring city is a happy and productive people. Hence, it has been our enduring commitment to manage effectively the city’s solid waste and ensure that Nagueños are free from threat to their health. The Balatas Dumpsite Closure Program and the San Isidro Sanitary Landfill are steps towards the realization of such goals. But similar to other initiatives of the city, the two programs will not be long-lasting solutions without the cooperation of the city’s major stakeholders – the people. At the individual level, everyone should be conscious of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We should help each other in cutting down the tons of garbage we are collectively producing. Otherwise, we are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past and suffer the smelly and unpleasant consequences. Tarabang po kita!