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Naga cops collar 9 drug suspects

By Paulo DS. Papa NAGA CITY--- The relaunching of the Duterte adinistration’s intensive anti-drug campaign dubbed as ‘Double Barrel Alpha Reloaded’ has netted 10 persons suspected to be involved in illegal drugs in this city as of this period, according to the Naga City Police Office (NCPO). Nine persons were arrested while another one surrendered. There was no incident of violent operation. Reports from Police Station No. 1 located at Plaza Quezon show that there was no incidence of illegal drug within its area of responsibility that include the barangays of Abella, Igualdad, Sabang, Dinaga, Tabuco, and Sta. Cruz. In barangays Del Rosario, Concepcion Grande, Concepcion Pequeña, Magsaysay, Triangulo, Lerma, and Mabolo under Police Station No. 2, six persons suspected to be drug pushers were arrested, their names kept confidential for the moment because of ongoing investigation that may lead to the arrest of more suspects. Police Station No. 3 that covers the barangays of Peñafrancia, Calauag, Bagumayan Sur, Bagumbayan Norte, and Sitio Queborac collared 3 suspects. Since July last year, the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) has visited 17, 969 houses some of whose settlers were on the watchlist as either drug dealers or addicts resulting to the arrest of 177 suspects while 4,008 more surrendered peacefully.

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