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‘Kantahon Bikolnon’ at senior parish fellowship

NAGA CITY --- Senior parishioners from and outside the Penafrancia Parish were entertained to a live presentation of Bikol, Spanish and English songs at their monthly Fellowship or “Pagtitiripon” last March 26 at the Penafrancia Parish Hall, here. Dubbed as “Kantahon Bikolnonasin Iba Pa”, the presentation featured soloist Allen Olivera of the local artists Olivera Brothers. The Senior Parishioners Fellowship is a program of the Our Lady of Penafrancia Parish initiated by Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Rey Jose F. Rellora October 2014 in response to the Pope’s call for all parishes to undertake a program for senior citizens that will bring them back to the Parish church at least once a month so that they will feel that at their age, they are still a part of the parish church. Since then, the Senior Parishioners Fellowship has undertaken various monthly activities much in partnership with the local Tomasinong Bikolano (alumni of UST) headed by Dr. Marimil S. Bombase. Among the monthly activities undertaken were spiritual talks, masses and paraliturgies, medical missions including test on blood sugar, screening of the cervix, prostate, and bone density, Elderly Health Lecture Series, Summer Field Encounter, socials, beauty search, and raffles, among others. The program is managed by an Executive Board of 10 Seniors with Fr.Rellora as spiritual director Photo shows the senior parishioners at the live musical presentation by soloist Olivera (inset) last Sunday.

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