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CITY YOUTH MONTH: 48 named to this year’s set of city youth officials

By Jason B. Neola NAGA CITY --- The City Youth Officials Executive Committee has named 48 in-school youth who will compose this year’s batch of city youth officials (CYOs). The students will be assigned to handle different positions in the city government to perform their mandated tasks as city youth officials along with their counterpart elected officials, department heads and chiefs of offices. The installation of city youth officials in various posts which allows them to participate in running the affairs of the city government as youth mayor, youth vice mayor, youth councilors, youth department heads and youth chiefs of offices of the city is provided under the ordinance that institutionalizes the Naga City Youth Officials Program. City Ordinance 2009-017 also declares the period from April 15 to May 31 each year as City Youth Month, an event when youth officials are given the “opportunity to handle the operations of the city government aside from engaging in policy determining and monetary disbursements.” The students-turned-public servants, after passing the qualifying written and oral examinations, are given the opportunity to serve the constituency for one and a half months. This year, none from the out-of-school youth applied to be a CYO, unlike in 2016 when there were four who passed the exams. In his message, Mayor John G. Bongat said that the doors of the city government are always open, especially to the youth sector’s participation in various undertakings that the city government has been pursuing. He even called on city hall employees to allow the CYOs to feel the same warmth and friendliness they have shown to previous batches of youth officials. “Let them experience the cordiality of your workplaces where they (CYOs) would perform their functions alongside their counterpart officials in the legislative and executive offices of the city government,” Bongat said. With regards to the celebration next month of the City Youth Month, a member of the staff of City Councilor and CYO Executive Director Ray-An Cydrick Rentoy said the youth officials have started planning for the holding of different activities that will highlight the celebration of the Naga City Youth Month. City Youth Human Resource Department Head Mary Rose Asis said that that by Saturday they will come up with a list of activities for this year’s celebration of youth month. The Naga City Youth Month Program was awarded in 2007 as one of the country’s 10 outstanding local governance programs. It is a competitive local internship initiative that exposes the city’s future leaders to the challenges of urban governance. For a month each year, the project enables selected youth leaders to experience how to handle local government operations. This year’s batch of CYOs who will work with their counterpart elected city officials are: Youth Mayor Angelica P. Agonoy of Brgy. Mabolo; Youth Vice Mayor August Cezar S. Abad, Brgy. San Felipe; 1st Youth Councilor Ma. Riza Anika A. Marco, Brgy. San Felipe; 2nd Youth Councilor Weena Marie A. Palomiano, Brgy. Concepcion Pequeña; 3rd Youth Councilor Audrey Jescel A. Escoto, Brgy. Del Rosario; 4th Youth Councilor Christopher Ken L. Mendoza, Brgy. San Isidro; 5th Youth Councilor Johnelle Jade T. Paredes, Brgy. Liboton; 6th Youth Councilor Danica Bea T. Falcon, Brgy. Tabuco; 7th Youth Councilor Khyrwin O. Hidalgo, Brgy. Del Rosario. 8th Youth Councilor Jessa S. Nieves, Brgy. Triangulo; 9th Youth Councilor Ian Kenneth T. Badong, Brgy. Concepcion Pequeña; 10th Youth Councilor Kathleen Alexis C. Llorente, Brgy. Sta. Cruz; 11th Youth Councilor Therese Elaine DC. Lomeda, Brgy. Sta. Cruz; 12th Youth Councilor Lea Marie V. Alinday, Brgy. Del Rosario. The City Youth Officials who will be working with their counterpart department and section heads: Abogado, Collin Mae C. (Brgy. Concepcion Pequeña); Aguilar, Zorilla Rizh A. (Brgy. Sta. Cruz); Añonuevo, Angelica A. (Brgy. Peñafrancia); Asis, Mary Rose M. (Brgy. Bagumbayan Sur); Badong, Mary France T. (Brgy. Sta. Cruz); Basbas, Fatima Fe A. (Brgy. Bagumbayan Norte); Bertes, Ericka Mae B. (Brgy. Liboton); Centenera, Julian Carlo VI M. (Brgy. Concepcion Grande); Clavite, Axcel Christian V. (Brgy. Panicuason); Colico, Micol Joy O. (Brgy. Con. Peq.); De Castro, Jeselle Marie I. (Brgy. Calauag); De Leon, Ronald A. (Brgy. Carolina); Dollentas, Jean SJ. (Brgy. Balatas), Dometita, Charmaine April C. (Brgy. Balatas); Espedido, Frances Eloise E. (Brgy. Pacol), Estayo, Rachel O. (Brgy. Calauag); Fernandez, Jonah Ann Marion C. (Brgy. San Felipe); Floranza, Shaina N. (Brgy. Dinaga); Francisco, Susie S. (Brgy. Pacol); Frias, Joriel Brinton B. (Brgy. San Felipe); Garcia, Nelgem Mae M. (Brgy. Mabolo); Gianan, Ma. Claudette H. (Brgy. Con. Peq.); Llamasarez, Andro T. (Brgy. Pacol); Maravilla, Albretch DR. (Brgy. San Felipe); Penino, Sy Jurn J. (Brgy. San Felipe); Perez, Pauline Mae H. (Brgy. Liboton); Ponce, Zyra D. (Brgy. Sabang); Razonable, Leny V. (Brgy. Triangulo); Rebancos, Maryvil O. (Brgy. Del Rosario); Refugio, James Nathaniel (Brgy. San Felipe); Relloso, Kathryn Angelic Grace T. (Brgy. Cararayan); Rodolfo, Nicko C. (Brgy. Peñafrancia); Rodriquez, Mary Philline C. (Brgy. Con. Peq), and Rubi, John Oliver B. (Concepcion Pequena).

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