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SP Highlights: City Youth Officials 2017

“Filipino Youth, now raise your novice brow, Display your wealth of graces, you who are The fairest promise of my native land; And may the Muse come winged infuse The noble thought that, swifter than the wind, Will sweep the fledging mind to seats of glory” -Dr. Joze P. Rizal - There is no better time to involve the youth, the future leaders of our city, but today. At present, even if they themselves are not yet aware of it, the millenials or Generation Y, as others may call them, are already at the forefront of shaping the socio-political landscape of our community. Thus, the next generation’s potential and capabilities should already be harnessed and directed towards the improvement of the general welfare, and not otherwise. As such, we are happy to welcome the new batch of City Youth Officials this 2017. We congratulate the following young individuals who will be exposed to the rudiments of the government processes, be involved in programs, projects and activities of the city, and be engaged as partners of elective city officials and department heads: • City Youth Mayor: Angelica P. Agonoy • City Youth Vice Mayor: August Cezar S. Abad • City Youth Councilors: Ma. Riza Anika A. Marco, Weena Marie A. Palomiano, Audrey Jescel A. Escoto, Christopher Ken L. Mendoza, Johnelle Jade T. Paredes, Danisa Bea T. Falcon, Khyrwin O. Hidalgo, Jessa S. Nieves, Ian Kenneth T. Badong, Kathleen Alexis C. Lorente, Therese Elaine DC. Lomeda and Lea Marie V. Alinday. • City Youth Department Heads: James Nathaniel Refugio (Administrator), Shaina N. Floranza (Secretary to the Mayor), Ma. Claudette H. Gianan (CPDO), Joriel Brinton B. Frias (SP Secretary), Collin Mae C. Abogado (CRO), Zorilla Rizh A. Aguilar (CEO), Angelica A. Añonuevo (CAgO), Mary Rose M. Asis (CHRMO), Mary France T. Badong (CVO), Fatima Fe A. Basbas (Assessor), Ericka Mae B. Bertes (Chief of Hospital), Julian Carlo M. Centenera VI (CPNO), Axcel Christian V. Clavite (PSO), Mixol Joy O. Colico (GSO), Jesselle Marie I. De Castro (Accountant), Ronald A. De Leon (SWMO), Jean SJ. Dollentas (BSTC), Charmaine April C. Dometita (LBO), Frances Eloise E. Espedido (HSDO), Rachel O. Estayo (CBO), Jonah Ann Marion C. Fernandez (CTO), Susie S. Francisco (ESSO), Nelgem Mae M. Garcia (MEPO), Andro T. Llamasarez (OSCA), Albretch Dr. Maravilla (Abbatoir), Sy Jurn J. Penino (CLO), Pauline Mae H. Perez (CSWDO), Zyra D. Ponce (Metro PESO), Leny V. Razonable (PWD), Maryvil O. Rebancos (CEPPIO), Kathryn Angelic Grace T. Relloso (C ENRO), Nicko C. Rodolfo (CHO), Mary Philline C. Rodriguez (Librarian) and John Oliver B. Rubi (ITO). They were recognized by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod, headed by this representation, just an hour after they took their oath of office this April 17, 2017, with Congressman Gabriel H. Bordado Jr. as guest-of-honor and City Mayor John G. Bongat as inductor. Since 1988 during the first term of the late Mayor and Interior Secretary Jesse M. Robredo, it has been a policy to allow responsible, intelligent and passionate youth to experience first-hand the processes and systems in the local government, thereby developing their leadership skills and engaging them as proactive development partners. At the same time, through their fresh ideas and modern views, we draw inspirations and suggestions in making the best better for our Maogmang Lugar.

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