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INSPIRED: Surprises

AS WRITERS, we are not supposed to scribble on snippets about movies even about songs. The logic behind that is our readers may not have seen or heard those movies or those songs. Simple explanation. I have been writing for a long time now, and for the very first time I will break that rule. Poetic license. As writers, we are also known for being forgetful. The reason is that we are, constantly, thinking about matters of great value and relevance. But, somehow as we go about our lives we are guided and guarded by the angels. Take for instance, just recently, I withdrew money from the automated teller machine and I, literally, forgot to take the money out of the dispenser. About seven steps forward, with my wallet still in my hand, something happened like wind or force that reminded me to go back to the ATM. A lady was already holding my money when I got it from her. She was two milliseconds short of calling it to my attention right away as she was next in line. I was like The Flash before she had the chance to be a Good Samaritan and yell, “Hey, Mister you forgot your money!!!” Enough of that. Let us go to the topic at hand. Well, I was hit by a vehicle when I was five years old. I was brought to a nearby clinic and was unconscious for some time. My mother told me years later, she was afraid that I would not recognize her. Surprise! I still knew her. However, the memories from Day one until five years old were completely gone. So, when my siblings would talk about the house we used to live in, I would go blank and could not nor can not relate at all. If you meet me in person and look closely at the left-upper-part of my forehead, you would see a slight lump. From then on, my family never expected anything much from me, I remember they were all surprised when I passed the entrance examination of the premier university in the country. I even surprised them, when among all the siblings who went to the same university, I was the only one who became a University Scholar. My only regret is I partied too much during freshman year and I was a few points away from graduating with honors. I learned from the past, consequently, when I earned my second diploma, I graduated with distinction. Fast forward to 2017, my brother told me that I aged a lot. It comes with the territory, as writers, our hair turn silver a tad bit faster than regular people. Now the plot thickens... Going back to THE movie. It is a comedy about a newlywed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Grogan, both writers, who relocated to a sunny place to escape winter. Then, his college friend, Mr. Tunney, recommended him to a newspaper firm where he also worked for. During the interview, he was asked by the Editor, why should he be hired and his reply was because his life was full of surprises. He applied as a Field Reporter, was hired, then, reluctantly, became a Columnist. Mr. Tunney, eventually, accepted a job for The New York Times. The twist... When I was watching that movie in 2008, I never expected that it would be a confluence of what my life is right now. I wanted to be like Mr. Grogan but I ended up being a little like him (a Columnist: writing about light topics,) but became more like Mr. Tunney, traveling and living the dream. The realization: Forces of Nature When I took an Uber cab with my nieces in the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, I asked the driver about the Politics there. From what I surmised, it is very similar to anywhere else in the world. So, I asked my brother why Malaysia is so progressive and the Philippines is challenged, economically speaking. Well, he said, because Malaysia is not in the typhoon belt and is not part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. About twenty or more typhoons and a few earthquakes occur here yearly. No wonder. There is nothing wrong with us at all. We are just regular people like everyone else in the world, a great people even. The Song I quote Sherlock Holmes, “elementary.” Going to THE song. The title is, ‘Blame It on the Rain.’ What do writers remember the most? Take for instance the last birthday I spent with my Godfather. The lovely Malaysian lady, named Wan, who told me to write about the Petronas Towers. The view from the bridge connecting the two towers is phenomenal and pervading. I remember Sir Timothy, who was our tour guide, at The Colonial Penang Museum owned by the elegant Mrs. Jasmine Tan. And the Penang Hill Corporation, for giving me a free pass to enjoy the scenic and spectacular view at the top of the Penang Hill. Do not have a bucket list. God will make one for you. Do not make plans. God is the way, the truth, and the life. Let Him surprise you. I am a living testimony to that. So far, it has been a euphoric ride, the best is yet to come, may wonderful surprises come along your way too, my friend. Godspeed!

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