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VP Leni assures to defend the votes of Filipino citizens

By Grace Casin MANILA --- Vice President Leni Robredo has paid the P8M initial cash deposit required by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) for her counter-protest. She still needs to pay the balance of over P7M by July for a total of P15.44M. In her speech before supporters, the Vice President said it’s not easy to raise the amount. “We must not permit that they take away the voice of the public. You know this fight is not just about me, but about us all. About all Filipinos who want to stop the system of government,” VP Robredo said. Robredo has a message for Bongbong Marcos. “What is saddening is with the desire to possess power, he does not want to accept the results of the elections. So here we are again, in a fight, we know the history behind us, and we know we do not want to return to that,” VP Robredo added. According to Marcos’s spokesperson, Robredo will not fight for the vote of the Filipinos, but the cheating that Robredo and the Liberal Party did to the former senator. Marcos’ camp will prove this at the PET. After Robredo made the payment, the next preliminary conference on the election protest is on June 21. UNTV News & Rescue

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