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Good Morning Judge: Gina’s benevolent gesture

It is with pleasure to note that former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez has committed to support newly appointed Secretary Roy Cimatu as DENR Secretary. Humbly admitting that his background is purely military, he promised to look into the concern of all stakeholders in the aspect of the industry and address their problems. The ceremony where the former secretary turned-over the banner of the office to Seretary Roy Cimatu was viewed as jovial affair. While some environmental activists expressed their objections to the appointed of Cimatu, the latter was observed to have taken lightly the objections and proceeded with calm in his acceptance speech. Indeed, it might be correct as observers noted that Secretary Cimatu has no background and experience in the matter of environmental matters as his career was to a large extent spent in military career, yet the presidential prerogative of appointment must be respected. If it is firm believe that his appointee will make do in his appointed position, then that’s it. This much has been said by Cimatu in his speech accepting the position, that is, that he will just do the presidential bidding in the performance of his duty as DENR secretary. Well and good and let’s look forward that the new DENR Secretary will do the best he can! TRIVIA: Early last night the friends and acquaintances of the late Che Factora were at the Petronas Corporation compound at Jacob Extension to celebrate the birthday anniversary of the late founder and major shareholder of the Petronas Gas Corporation. Che died months back due to lingering illness. Through this column may I in my own behalf and that of my spouse Minda express our most sincere and deep condolence for the passing away of the late municipal councilor Atenogenes Luis Graza of Bato, Camarines Sur. He used to be the president of the barangay captains league of Bato. His internment is scheduled this coming Saturday, April 13 after an Eucharistic Celebration at Bato, Camarines Sur. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “DREAM NO SMALL DREAM FOR THEY HAVE NO POWER TO MOVE THE HEARTS OF MEN,” JOHANN WIKFGANG VON GOETHE FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “TOIL NOT TO GAIN WEALTH, CEASE TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT IT.” PROVERBS 23:4

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