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Good Morning Judge: On Martial Law

The whole nation was caught by surprise when President Rodrigo R. Duterte announced the declaration of martial law in Mindanao while he was on a state visit in Russia. He confirmed the announced upon his return to the Philippines by saying that the declaration would only be good for sixty (60) days but said that the declaration may later extend to the Visayas Region and even the whole country if the Maute’s terrorist activities will expand the whole country. The declaration of martial law was received with various reactions from some business leaders with some saying that the President’s decision was a decisive action to quell further terrorism in our country. Some pointed out however, that legally martial law can be declared only in cases of rebellion, sedition or insurrection as provided in the present Constitution, hence the President’s decision to impose martial rule in Mindanao is unconstitutional. There were also some insinuations even from members of Congress that there was failure of intelligence gathering on the part of the military for its failure to detect the up-coming terrorist activities of the Maute group while at the same time wondering how the military is using the intelligence funds of the President. Be that as it may, while the martial declaration may not have so much impact on the lives of the Filipinos as the martial law declaration of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, I am certain that it may nonetheless affect future business investment in the country as most investors will have to be on the watch and see attitude while the martial law lasts what with the President’s warning that he may even declare martial law in the entire country. TRIVIA: In my own behalf and that of my spouse Minda we wish to congratulate our daughter Gigi who is celebrating her Nth birthday anniversary tomorrow, May 25. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “A SUCCESSFUL MAN IS ONE WHO CAN LAY A FIRM FOUNDATION WITH THE BRICKS OTHERS HAVE THROWN AT HIM.” DAVID BRINKLY FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “THE TONGUE OF THE WISE POURS OUT KNOWLEDGE, BUT THE MOUTH OF FOOLS SPURTS FORTH FOLLY”. PROVERBS 15:2

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