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... claim has no effect on LGU’s interests

By Juan Escandor Jr. NAGA CITY---As far as the local government of Naga City is concerned, the claim of the heirs of Hermogenes Rodriguez has no effect on the interest of the city, a city official said Tuesday. Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion, a lawyer by profession, said they would ignore the claim of the Rodriguez family since they are not party to the case. “In the matter of heirship of the late Hermogenes Rodriguez, et. al and the settlement of their estates, the petitioner is one Rene Pascual and the respondent is Jaime Robles. In short, whatever consequences or effect of the decision of that case are only binding to the parties of the case,” Legacion said. He said the case did not bind any agency of the government or other people who have claims over the same property. “It does not bind other people who possess titles or tax declaration over the same property or portion thereof,” Legacion said. He said if the Rodriguez heirs wanted other property owners to be bound by their claim, they have to file separate cases against them. Legacion said there must be separate judgment against other property owners. “If they wanted to execute the Supreme Court decision, that will be executed only against the losing party but not against for instance the city government of Naga City or other property owners,” he said.

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