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Archbishop presides over the ongoing Installation of New Parish Priests

After the sucessful ordination to priesthood and diaconate, the Archdiocesan Chancery has announced the schedule of the solemn installation of the new parish priests of the archdiocese. Upon the advise of the Archbishop, all installations should be held during Sundays to ensure greater attendance of the faithful. The installation is a rite where a pastor is publicly placed into his role as pastor in a specific congregation. While ordination happens only once in a pastor’s ministry, installation happens each time he begins serving in a new congregation or new role.The installation rite happens within the mass service. The highlight of the ceremony is the Oath of Office and Fidelity of the new pastor. He is also presented with the key of the Blessed Sacrament to symbolize his mission to sanctify, lead and teach his flock.Likewise he is asked by the archbishop to commit himself to serving the people and also asks the community to support their pastor. Below is the schedule of the remaining parishes:

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