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What happened to Secretary Gina Lopez?

This is a 64$ question confronting our nation. When the commission on Appointment finally rejected the appointment of Sec. Gina Lopez after three hearings, it was a severe blow to the advocacy of the secretary crusade for a responsible mining and for the preservation and protection of the environment for future generations. Sec. Lopez has the passion and zeal to do such challenging task ahead but who cares? President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has said: “Sayang si Gina. I really like her passion. But you know how it is. This is democracy, and Lobby money talks” So, if this was true, so money changed hands between those who wanted her out of their way and some members of the said Commission. Sec. Lopez got the ire of those vested interest people when she ordered the cancellation of open pit minings projects in the Country. What is wrong with such orders? Secretary Lopez is just doing her job. She is furious at the irresponsible mining companies, they make money off our natural resources but they don’t care about our environment and how the irresponsibility could affect the livelihood of the people. Our country is suffering from too much diggings and exploitation resulting environmental degration and damage. Clearly, the officials who voted against her have vested interest. Mining is a lucrative business. There is a big buck to gain millions if not billions profit and many people seems to be going into mining nowadays. So the motive to oust her, to remove her out of the picture come hell or come water or else the industry will see the end of their illegal activities. Sad to say those people who voted against her were driven by people who had vested interest in the mining industry. So these politicians are not in government to serve the people but to enrich themselves in whatever way even at the expense of the ordinary environmental loving people. While the Rejection can’t have been easy for her to stomach Sec. Lopez is brave and resolute and no doubt can handle it well She is out of the DENR but it won’t be long before she is back at her advocacies championing issues with her usual zeal and passion. It is just this time she won’t be doing it from an official position in the government but in her private capacity. Earth was created by God for all of us to enjoy it’s beauty, fruits, soil, plants, etc. but not to some unscrupulous irresponsible people in the industry. The good people salute Gina Lopez, continue the fight by being a watchdog at those people at the department and watch how her successor will face the challenges against crocodile, vultures in the mining industry. Mabuhay ka Ma’am may your tribe increase!!! Domingo “Sandie” Tena Verdadero Jacob st. Brgy. Penafrancia City of Naga

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