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By J. Antonio Amparado NAGA CITY---“Healthy Life Style and regular health check-up are the best ways to prevent Kidney Disease” stressed Dr. Abigail T. Abonal, Nephrologist before the participants to the monthly Elderly Health Lecture series co-sponsored by the Peñafrancia and the Tomasinong Bikolano, held last Sunday, at the Parish Hall, here. Dr. Abonal cited among the main causes of Kidney Disease as Diabetes, Hypertension, smoking, Kidney Stone, UTI, regular intake of pain reliever, herbal medication not approved by FDA, and antibiotics. The kidney cleanses the blood and controls blood pressure, she said. She cautioned the participants to slow down on salty foods, junk food, and foods with high cholesterol contents. Have regular check-up on your Creatinine, she emphasized. Regular check-up with your Doctor is much, much less expensive than discovering too late that you have now kidney disease in 4th or 5th stage, she continued on open forum followed. Parish Pastoral Council chairperson Gie Alvina introduced the guest lecturer. Fr. Rey Jose Rellora presided over the regular Paraliturgy. Shown in photo are some of the participants listening to the Leture of Dr. Abonal (Inset). As programmed by Tomasinong Bikolano president Dr. Marimil S. Bombase, the next lecture will be on “Diabetes Mellitus” set on August 20. All seniors are invited. J. Antonio Amparado

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